CPMA's Conference Showcases Importance of Pigments

By David Savastano, Ink World Editor | 10.30.09

The pigment industry has undergone a tremendous amount of changes in recent years, but one element remains a constant: the importance of pigments to a host of industries, including graphic arts, paints and coatings, plastics, cosmetics and many other segments where color makes a difference.

With that in mind, The Color Pigments Manufacturers Association, Inc. (CPMA) in association with Rodman Publications, publishers of Coatings World, Ink World and Happi magazines, held “Pigment Solutions Critical To Success,” a successful three-day examination of the state of the pigment industry and the industries that pigments serve.

The conference featured more than 25 leading speakers and drew more than 125 attendees, and its organizers said the meeting was a tremendous success.

“I am very pleased with this conference and the quality of the speakers,” said Larry Robinson, CPMA’s president.

“We are extremely pleased with the participation and interest we’ve seen,” said Chuck Hoover, president of Hoover Color and chairman of the CPMA. “I have to hand it to Larry and his staff, who put in a tremendous amount of work.”

Ed Faulkner of Sun Chemical and Steve Camenisch of Engelhard, the conference’s co-chairs, were delighted with the program.

“The exceptional diversity and quality of the presentations has really added to the overall conference,” Mr. Faulkner said. “There are marketing and technical people here, and this is leading to informed discussions.”

“This conference went really well,” Mr. Camenisch said. “We had excellent speakers, and I believe we have a lot of people here who have been pleased by the presentations.”

Informative Presentations

The pre-conference began April 20 with CPMA’s Anti-Trust Workshop, presented by CPMA counsel Harold F. Fitzpatrick of Fitzpatrick, Merritt and Samra-Arteaga.

After a luncheon talk on “The Economy Ahead – What it Means for Manufacturing” by Hank Cox, assistant vice president, communications for the National Association of Manufacturers, the afternoon’s Regulatory Workshop was held. Mr. Fitzpatrick spoke on U.S. regulatory issues, and he was joined by international experts such as Ralph Sorensen of Sun Chemicals A/S, who serves as chairman, ETAD pigments operating committee, who discussed REACH and other European issues; Ruben Munoz Garcia, director of health, safety and environment (ANIQ) for the Mexican Association of the Chemical Industry; and Karen Levins, director, chemicals group, Mississauga Office, Cantox Health Sciences International Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A panel discussion was then held.

The conference’s April 21 morning session featured in-depth overviews on the ink industry by Chris Morrissey, corporate vice president, marketing for Sun Chemical; the plastics industry by Dwight Morgan, CEO of Accel Color; and the cosmetics industry by Bharat Adhia, Eckart America’s managing director of cosmetics, beauty and personal care.

These informative briefings were followed by talks by Robert Blonski of Ferro Corporation on “Infrared Reflecting Inorganic Pigments for ‘Cool-Roof’ Applications;” “Understanding Food Packaging Compliance for Colorants” by Patty Kinne, head, notification process for the U.S. for Ciba Specialty Chemicals; and “Small Business Regulatory Enforcement and Fairness Act and the U.S. Regulatory Process” by Joel Weissglass, secretary and general counsel for Magruder Color.

After a conference luncheon and talk on “The Latest Color Trend Forecasts” by Patricia Verlodt, president of Color Services & Associates, Inc., the afternoon featured presentations by Graham Battersby, vice president, research and development for Flint Ink on “Pigments and Ink – Let’s Talk About Something Other Than Price!;” “Color Effects in Consumer Product Marketing” by Suzanne Bernardi, creative director, color and effects at EMD Chemicals, Inc.; “The Changing Role of Effect Pigments in the Cosmetic Industry” by Gabriel Uzunian, director of cosmetic and personal care applications at Engelhard Corporation; “Digital Printing and Pigments” by Jack Gormley, marketing manager – digital at Sun Chemical; “Iron Oxide Pigments – The World’s Oldest Paint BoxA Review of Product Variations and Performance Colors” by Chuck Hoover Jr., COO, Hoover Color; and “Ultramarine Blue – The Rediscovered Pigment” by David Calvert, technical manager, Holliday Pigments, Ltd.

The morning of April 22 featured CPMA’s International Trade Forum, with Jim DeLisi, president of Fanwood Chemical, Inc., providing an overview of the pigment industry. Lawrence R. Lerner, vice president technology, Eastbound Technology, discussed the pigment industry in China and R. Sampath, chairman and managing director, Ultramarine & Pigments, Ltd. discussed best practices in India.

Informative talks on effect pigments by Raimund Schmid, global technical manager, pigments for BASF AG and Elisabeth Hoener, technical marketing manager/coatings for EMD Chemicals was next, followed by Jack Ladson, past-president Inter-Society Color Council Color Science Consultancy’s talk on training tools and ecological aspects of nickel and chrome titanates by Hartmut Endriss, head of product safety, performance chemicals for coatings and specialties at BASF AG.

Attendees found that the conference was informative. “I have enjoyed this conference,” said Dr. Harald Severin, development liquid inks, business unit packaging for Siegwerk Druckfarben AG. “It was a great experience to meet many new colleagues.”

“This conference provides a look at a variety of industries and allows us to measure our industry to others,” added Jyoti Gidvani, materials manager for Color Converting Inc.

Coming off of this successful conference, CPMA is now planning for its next conference, which is tentatively scheduled for next spring.