Times of Change Offer New Opportunities For All

By David Savastano, Ink World Editor | 10.15.09

There are many changes occurring in the ink industry. In particular, there have been tremendous gains made in the field of digital printing during recent years. Ink jet printing has had a major impact well beyond what was initially predicted by many experts.

Today, ink jet is making gains in areas as diverse as billboards,outdoor signage, packaging and corrugated applications, and future opportunities are practically limitless.

As a result, ink companies large and small have taken an interest in ink jet. Sun Chemical and Flint Ink have both opened their own ink jet ink subsidiaries in SunJet and Jetrion, LLC, respectively. Sericol and Nazdar, the two largest screen ink manufacturers, have sensed changes in their segments and are very much involved in the ink jet market. Smaller manufacturers, including American Ink Jet, Squid Ink Manufacturing and countless others, are specializing in specific segments of thisemerging market.

In “Ink Jet Report,” beginning on page 25, we focus on the wide format marketplace, speaking with industry leaders and top consultants to determine what the future opportunities are for ink manufacturers. The truth is that the future is indeed bright for those companies willing to make the commitment to the hard work that is required to develop the products and connections to succeed in the ink jet field.

Ultimately, printing ink executives have to look at today’s printing industry and see how ink jet is impacting their customers as well as themselves. It is the companies whose leadership looks at the changes in the marketplace and sees opportunity instead of problems that will move forward and be rewarded for their efforts.

Speaking of changes and moving forward, our readers will undoubtedly notice tremendous changes in Ink World in this month’s issue. Led by Greg Kaffka, our art and technical manager, we have been developing a redesign for the past few months. The results of our hard work appears before you, with greatly-improved graphics that complement the leading-edge reporting that you have come to expect from Ink World.

Change does take a lot of energy and thought, but the resulting successes are indeed rewarding.
David Savastano
Ink World Editor