CPIPC Celebrates the Winter

By David Savastano, Ink World Editor | 10.14.09

More than 260 attendees enjoy the Chicago Printing Ink Production Club's annual Winter Interlude.

Winter in Chicago is a cold time. However, the Chicago Printing Ink Production Club (CPIPC) provides some warmth with its annual Winter Interlude.

This year’s celebration, organized by Cathy and Edward Hoffman of T.J. Hilson and Michael and Nikki Orzech of Moore & Munger and held at Cafe La Cave in Des Plaines, IL was no exception, as more than 260 attendees gathered for an evening of food, fun and friendship.

One of the highlights of the Winter Interlude is the selection of CPIPC Ink Maker and Ink Supplier of the Year, and this year’s honorees were exceptional. Steve Miller, supply chain manager for Kohl & Madden, was presented the Ink Maker of the Year Award by Luigi Ribaudo, also of Kohl & Madden.

“I have really enjoyed the relationships I’ve had in the industry,” Mr. Miller said in accepting the honor. “It’s been a wonderful ride.”

CPIPC president Rick Small and Apollo Colors’ Larry Bykerk presented the President’s Award and Ink Supplier of the Year awards to Dave Bozak, regional manager for Apollo Colors. In addition to his years of service to the industry, Mr. Bozak has long been the leader of the CPIPC’s annual golf tourney, which typically has more than 300 participants.

“I’m surprised by this,” Mr. Bozak said. “Being part of this club is both a great opportunity and a lot of fun.”

The club also presented its first CPIPC Lifetime Achievement Award to Lud Horn, technical fellow for Eastman Resins. Mr. Horn’s extensive list of accomplishments were detailed by the award’s presenter, Gene Cassidy of Eastman Resins.

Mr. Horn appreciated the award, and laughingly noted that he has no plans to leave the industry just yet.

“Thank you for this wonderful award,” Mr. Horn said. “However, it says it’s a lifetime achievement award, but I’m still working.”

The CPIPC also selected its new officers for 2003. Jeff Coyne will serve as the new president, Tobias Jay Steik of Central Ink is vice president, Thomas Gwizdalski of Magie Bros. is treasurer, Henry Brooks of MD-Both/Wolstenholme International is secretary and Mr. Ribaudo is sergeant-at-arms.

Mr. Coyne said he is looking forward to serving as president. “The club is headed in the right direction,” Mr. Coyne said. “It’s a great group.”

Rick Small of B&D Industrial Chemicals, the outgoing CPIPC president, said he will always be thankful for all of the help he received form the club’s members, officers and committee leaders.

“I’ve enjoyed working with our people,” Mr. Small said. “The CPIPC has such a good core of people, and I can’t say enough good things about the people here.”