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Providing Solutions is UVitec Printing Ink’s Specialty

By David Savastano, Ink World Editor | 10.09.09

Providing the best possible service to customers is an excellent recipe for success. For UVitec Printing Ink, Inc., a Lodi, NJ-based UV inks and coatings specialist, helping customers has been the key to the company’s success for more than two decades since George Dakos co-founded the company.

“We’ve been focused on UV inks and coatings since Day 1,” said Andrew Dakos, UVitec’s president. “We were one of the first companies that was focused on UV. My father, George, was with Polychrome, where he was working on UV. He saw the potential of the marketplace, and as time went on, even more markets have become heavily involved.”

UVitec’s inks and coatings are used on a diverse variety of products, ranging from cosmetic folding cartons, soda bottle labels, pharmaceutical labels, consumer product labels, business forms, lottery tickets, catalogs, baseball cards among other end uses.

The company prides itself on its ability to assist its customers, whether it’s formulating new inks and coatings or helping solve non-ink related problems on the press. UVitec has been active in recent months, developing new product lines. Among these are its UVion 39 series, a universal ink that runs smoothly on all rotary letterpress equipment and delivers excellent adhesion on most synthetic substrates.

“The UVion 39 series addresses a market need as the vast majority of tag and label converters use multiple substrates,” said Mr. Dakos. “It is an ‘all in one’ ink that satisfy any print demand.”

The company also recently developed its 87 Series of UV flexo inks for narrow web and wide web flexo. Its proprietary process gives the inks excellent cell release characteristics, and it has excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates.

“We like to think of ourselves as formulators, because we create products that are ahead of the curve,” said Robert Waddington, UVitec’s national sales manager.

Having experienced people on hand to help customers is also a UVitec trademark.

“There is a great need for the technical side, which is what we are strong in,” Mr. Dakos said. “The people we have here are all technically adept in solving problems. We watch everything from start to finish, which is a huge advantage for our customers. Typically, we can have the answers for someone’s problem just by talking with them on the phone. Our close contact with our vendors also gives us an edge.”

“We offer not just our extensive knowledge and history of UV inks and coatings, but we also offer our customers a resource. We develop solutions to their problems by working with other suppliers,” said Mr. Waddington.

UVitec’s dedication to UV has led to its growth, and Mr. Dakos and Mr. Waddington expect that to remain UVitec’s forte.

“UVitec focuses on UV only,” Mr. Dakos said. “The focus of our company is new products to solve needs in the marketplace. It's grown out of our close relationship with our customers. We fill a definite need for our customers.”

“We’ll continue to do what we have done by staying focused on UV,” Mr. Waddington said. “We want to be known as the answer people.”

UVitec has been successfully providing answers for customers’ UV needsfor more than 20 years, and it is most likely to be the key to the company’s success in the years to come.