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UV/EB Recognized for Environmental Benefits


Two rulings recently issued by California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) have recognized UV/EB curing technologies as environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional industrial processes.
In the first ruling, SCAQMD incorporated UV/EB into its Title V program so that companies using the technologies may avoid complex federal permitting requirements.
According to this ruling, the emissions related to UV/EB operations are considered “too small to be required to file reports.”
In a separate second ruling, SCAQMD is requiring a 65 percent reduction in pollution causing emissions by certain coating and solvent facilities, and is allowing for reformulation to low VOC processes such as UV/EB.
In response to the second ruling, Rita Loof of RadTech said, “This rule acknowledges that end-pipe controls are not the only way to improve air quality and validates the environmental benefits of UV/EB.”