Top Companies Report

16. Sanchez SA de CV


Oriente 171 # 367
Mexico City, Mexico
Phone: +52 55 5118 1000

Sales: $131 million (inks); $172.6 million overall.

Major Products: Offset, flexo, gravure and screen inks, overprint varnishes, offset plates, pressroom chemicals and offset presses.

Key Personnel: Ernesto J. Sanchez, managing director; Jose Sanchez, commercial director; Jesus McKelligan, operations director; Alvaro Toledo, administrative director; Salvador Duran, technical manager (paste inks); Agustin Lozano, technical manager (liquid inks).

Number of Employees: 1,150.

Comments: Sanchez SA de CV is the largest ink manufacturer in Mexico and Central America, and the company continued to strengthen its leadership in the region.

In recent years, Sanchez SA de CV has opened subsidiaries throughout Central America, including in El Salvador (Sanchez Centroamerica), Guatemala (Tintas Sanchez Guatemala SA) and Costa Rica, which are keying the company’s growth throughout the region, and the company has just opened a new operation in Colombia.

While economic growth in Mexico has not met expectations, the Central America as a whole has done quite well.

“As we approach the first half of the present year, Mexico’s economy continues to disappoint everybody,” said Ernesto J. Sanchez, Sanchez SA de CV’s managing director. “Both analysts and government officials have reconsidered their growth estimates, and now it seems that our economy will be growing around 2.7%, way far from almost the 4% promised by the Pena Nieto administration. Pena Nieto and his team were able to pass several structural reforms, including labor, tax and energy, but positive effects in the country economy are yet to be seen. The Central America region, in general is experiencing a good moment in their economies, allowing a reasonable growth in their markets.

“We find ourselves in the 30,000 tons per year mark, with good results in heatset and packaging inks,” Sanchez added. “Just as the second half of 2014 begins, we are experiencing a bit more of activity, and are confident that the trend will continue.”

To meet the demands of the growing printing industry in Latin America, Sanchez SA de CV its continuing its extensive modernization program, including its new liquid ink plant in new plant in Tepeji del Rio, north of Mexico City.

“Last September we closed our offset ink manufacturing site in Toluca and transferred the production to our Mexico City facility. We finished our Tepeji del Rio plant, and all our liquid inks are now manufactured there, so we feel better prepared to service our flexo and gravure customers in the,” Sanchez said. “Once we finish all these changes, we will find ourselves with two manufacturing sites, one specialized in paste inks and the other one in liquid inks, giving us a good advantage over our competitors.”