Top Companies Report

13. Epple Druckfarben AG


Gutenbergstrasse 5
DE – 86356 Neusaess, Germany
Phone: +49-821-4603-151
Fax: +49-821-4603-201

Sales: $185 million.

Major Products: Sheetfed inks; inks for perfecting presses; UV inks; varnishes, fountain solutions and printing additives.

Key Personnel: Joachim Erlach, executive board; Edgar Buck, executive board; Dr. Carl Epple, executive board; Michael Glaser, executive board.

Number of Employees: 200.

Comments: Epple Druckfarben AG is a family-owned sheetfed ink specialist headquartered in Neusaess, Germany. The company enjoyed an excellent 2012, with sales increasing 5% to $185 million. Epple Druckfarben is looking to grow its business, both organically and through acquisitions or joint ventures with other printing ink manufacturers.

Raw materials have been a challenge for every company throughout the ink industry. Epple Druckfarben officials noted that rising material costs without increasing sales prices reduces margins. Meanwhile, the company is working on way to minimize the higher costs, through bundling raw materials, seeking alternative raw materials and improving internal processes.

Epple Druckfarben emphasizes R&D, and has successfully introduced many new products in recent years, such as MyInk, Atmos Fair, New Series, UV LE Series and UV HUV Series. In particular, the company released its BoFood MH inks, which are noteworthy as they are migration harmless and low migration and are made of natural ingredients. BoFood Organic, another successful launch, takes BoFood MH a step further, as it is approved for usage in food and the inside of food packaging.