Top Companies Report

5. Siegwerk CUSA


3535 SW 56th St.

Des Moines, IA 50321

Phone: (515) 471-2100

or (800) 728-8200

Fax: (515) 471-2202

Total CUSA Sales: $222 million.


Major Products: Solvent-based, water-based, energy curable and specialty liquid inks and coatings and related point-of-use services for the flexible packaging, label, sheetfed, tobacco, liquid food packaging and paper and board industries using flexo, rotogravure and offset printing.


Dave Hiserodt

Key Personnel: Peter Hilpert, president CUSA region; Dave Hiserodt, BU Head Flexible Packaging – U.S. & Canada.


Number of Employees: 670 (CUSA).


Operating Facilities: Des Moines, IA – CUSA (Canada & U.S.) headquarters and two manufacturing locations; Spartanburg, SC; Neenah, WI; Drums, PA; Vacaville, CA; Morganton, NC; Baltimore, MD; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Cincinnati, OH; Dallas, TX; Minneapolis, MN; Ontario, CA; Prescott, Ontario, Canada; Oakville, Ontario, Canada; Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Comments: Siegwerk CUSA had a good year in 2012, as the company focused on new projects, such as its new Center for Printing Excellence as well as new manufacturing facilities.

“Siegwerk CUSA improved performance in 2012 over 2011 in all key metrics,” said Dave Hiserodt, head of Flexible Packaging BU CUSA. “While there was still some movement within the ink raw material market, Siegwerk was able to maintain a year of relative stability, thus allowing Siegwerk to concentrate on projects which truly impact its value-added solution to the customer. Siegwerk is welcoming the future throughout 2013 and beyond.”


Toward this, Siegwerk CUSA began construction of its Center for Printing Excellence in 2012, which is slated to be finished in 2013. This center will house a pilot press to be utilized for R&D projects, customer qualifications, as well as customer and supplier joint development projects.


“This proactive approach will allow customers to save time and money during qualifications of new Siegwerk materials,” Mr. Hiserodt added.


While the Siegwerk CUSA team continues to fully integrate the Environmental Inks organization into the Siegwerk global family, other investments have begun in shaping Siegwerk CUSA’s future.


“Environmental Inks has begun its construction of a new UV manufacturing facility, which will include a cell for low migration ink manufacturing,” Mr. Hiserodt noted. “This will provide a significant capacity expansion in Environmental Inks’ UV manufacturing capabilities for North America. This new facility will be built utilizing tools from Siegwerk’s excellence initiative Xceed for lean accurate and predictable processes.”


Technically, Siegwerk has continued its focus on constantly improving its commercial offering for high speed flexo inks with measurable successes. Also, Siegwerk’s commitment to the industry is exemplified through the expansion of its Global Innovation Network (GIN) into the region.


GIN allows for a global exchange of knowledge while continually improving the quality of Siegwerk products globally. GIN personnel work on long-term projects to carry Siegwerk into the future; for example, GIN laboratories are working to increase renewable content of printing inks in order to provide a more sustainable product to its customers.


Flexible packaging and UV/EB label inks are areas of growth for Siegwerk CUSA. Siegwerk will be expanding its efforts in the flexible packaging market.

“Through substantial product development and research as well as capital investments in R&D, manufacturing and its Center for Printing Excellence, Siegwerk is well poised to further grow within this existing key focus market,” Mr. Hiserodt said.


Siegwerk sees UV/EB inks and coatings, specifically low migration technology, for the labels market to be a large growth area for moving into the coming years. With the combination of technology from both Siegwerk and Environmental Inks, the labels market is projected to continue to be a key growth driver for both Siegwerk and Environmental Inks.


Mr. Hiserodt noted that with the raw material markets stabilizing for the most part in CUSA, the printing and ink industries were able to concentrate on preparing for the future.


“While some materials have shown increases into 2013, these are not at the unprecedented levels experienced in 2011,” Mr. Hiserodt added. “Siegwerk works to leverage its global supplier network, not only to mitigate any impending increases, but also to forecast future changes in the marketplace so that it is able to better prepare its customer base regarding the raw material markets.”


With all of its investments into technology and people, Mr. Hiserodt believes that Siegwerk CUSA is well positioned for the future.

“In 2013 and beyond, Siegwerk welcomes the future through continuing investments in technology, R&D, processes and people, to further improve the solutions and services provided to its customers,” Mr. Hiserodt concluded.