Top Companies Report

3. Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd.


3. Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd.
3-13 Kyobashi 2-chome
Chuo-Ku, Tokyo 104-8377 Japan
Tel: +81-3-3272-5731
Fax: +81-3-3272-8688

Sales: $1.67 billion (¥131,700 million) in printing ink and graphic arts supplies; consolidated results: $3.11 billion (¥245,337 million).

Major Products: Printing inks, newspaper inks, UV-curing inks, gravure inks, graphic arts supplies, graphic arts equipment, can coating finishes, resins, adhesives, waxes, laminating adhesives, coating and painting materials, pigments, processed pigments, plastic colorants, media materials, natural products.

Key Personnel: Kunio Sakuma, chairman; Katsumi Kitagawa, president; Shigeki Matsuyama, senior managing director; Katsumi Yamazaki, president and representative director of Toyo Ink Co., Ltd.; Motohiko Kashioka, president and representative director of Toyo Chem Co., Ltd.; Shuji Miyazaki, president and representative director of Toyo Color Co., Ltd.; Madoka Yasuike, CTO.

Number of Employees: 7,351 (consolidated).

Comments: Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd. held steady during fiscal year 2011, with overall sales off slightly by 0.3%, at ¥245,337 million ($3.11 billion). Because of the higher cost of raw materials, company officials reported that operating income was adversely affected, declining 28.7% to ¥13,600 million ($172 million).

Graphic arts are represented in two segments, Printing and Information and Packaging Materials, which totaled ¥131,700 million ($1.67 billion) in sales in 2011.

The Printing and Information segment had net sales of ¥76,100 million ($963 million) in 2011, a decline of 0.9%. Market share improved in offset inks although domestic demand was lower. Profit margins declined in China due to rising raw material prices, and export sales declined because of product shortages following the earthquake and the rapid appreciation of the yen. In addition, Toyo Ink withdrew from production in Oceania due to worsening performance.

The Packaging Materials segment’s sales rose to ¥55,600 million ($704 million), an increase of 2.1%. The increase was partially driven by increased sales of daily necessities, and sales expanded in China and Southeast Asia. Here, too, profit margins declined because of rising raw material prices, and the gravure and flexo ink business was sluggish as demand fell following the earthquake.

There were numerous highlights in Toyo Ink’s graphic arts divisions. The Printing and Information Division increased domestic market share in Japan, started production of inkjet ink in India, expanded sales in Indonesia and the Middle East, and acquired land for a factory in Brazil. The company’s non-VOC rice ink series won three prizes.

For 2012, the company plans to expand inkjet sales, expand new products and high value-added products, progress in localized production and make use of Indian and Chinese products to develop globally.

The Packaging Materials Division expanded its sales in India, Indonesia and other emerging countries, began construction of gravure ink factories in India and Vietnam and constructed new bases in the interior of China. In 2012, Toyo Ink plans to further strengthen its development of environmentally conscious products, expand sales of high quality flexo inks, design general purpose grade resins for emerging countries and start production of gravure inks in India and Vietnam.

Toyo Ink’s R&D team is noted for its excellence, as evidenced by the introduction of its Flash Dry K-HS, Flash Dry LED, and Flash Dry LPC UV inks; LIOVALUE and AQUAECOL gravure inks and AQUALIONA flexo inks, the first water-based flexo lamination ink applicable to boil/retort pouch packaging.