Top Companies Report

14. Epple Druckfarben AG


14. Epple Druckfarben AG
Gutenbergstrasse 5
DE – 86356 Neusaess, Germany
Tel: +49-821-4603-151
Fax: +49-821-4603-201

Sales: $180 million.

Major Products: Sheetfed inks; inks for perfecting presses; UV inks; varnishes, fountain solutions and printing additives.

Key Personnel: Joachim Erlach, executive board; Edgar Buck, executive board; Dr. Wolfgang Josten, executive board; Dr. Carl Epple, executive board.

Number of Employees: 200.

Comments: A family-owned sheetfed ink specialist headquartered in Neusaess, Germany, Epple Druckfarben AG enjoyed another strong year in 2012, as the company’s sales grew 7% to $180 million. With an eye on expanding its operations, the company continues to express interest in acquisitions and joint ventures in the coming year.

Raw material cost and supply remain major concerns, as company officials noted that rising material cost without corresponding rising sales price reduces margins. To compensate for this, Epple Druckfarben is bundling raw materials, seeking raw material alternatives and improving internal processes
Epple Druckfarben continues to emphasize the importance of R&D, and released a host of new products during the past year. These included the MyInk customizable scale as well as four new inks: Atmos Fair, BoFood MH and BoFood Organic and Granit Protect.

Atmos Fair is Epple Druckfarben’s newest UV ink. Because no short-wavelength UV radiation is required, there is no heat development in the stack, no ozone formation and the energy demand is very low.

Reflecting its interest in UV and LED technology, Epple Druckfarben joined ILUVA, a new international association dedicated to UV LED market development. Granit Protect sets fast and shows fast through drying. The Granit Protect series is based on a binding agent combination of vegetable and mineral oils.

Food packaging inks are a key emphasis for Epple Druckfarben. BoFood MH is migration harmless in contrast to traditional low migration systems. This enables the usage of BoFood MH ink for the production of primary food packaging. It is also scent reduced.BoFood Organic is described as the first offset printing ink that can be used for inside printing of food packaging, as all of the raw materials used for BoFood Organic are approved for the usage in food.