Top Companies Report

13. Bauhinia Variegata Ink and Chemicals Limited


13. Bauhinia Variegata Ink and Chemicals Limited
Yip’s Chemical Building
13 Yip Cheong Street, On Lok Tsuen
Fanling, New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2675 2300
Fax: +852 2675 7311

Sales: $190 million (HK$1.2 billion); net turnover of Yip’s Chemical is HK$8.276 billion.

Major Products: Gravure, offset and screen printing ink.

Key Personnel: Ye Zixuan, chairman; Feng Shunquan, general manager; Li Lifa, financial controller; Sun Jiefang, marketing director, ink; Wu Zhaowei, technical director, ink.

Number of Employees: 974.

Comments: Established in 1998, Bauhinia Variegata Ink & Chemicals, a wholly owned subsidiary company of Yip’s Chemical Holdings, has three production bases in Southern, Eastern and Northern China respectively. In 2011, the company’s ink sales achieved 44,348 tons and its annual turnover reached more than RMB1.2 billion ($190 million). Net turnover of Yip’s Chemical increased substantially to HK$8.276 billion ($1.07 billion), an increase of 18% over 2010.

Having total production capacity of 75,000 tons, the company ranks first in the ink industry in China. Bauhinia Variegata Ink is currently enlarging its capacity, and it is estimated that the total capacity will exceed 100,000 tons by the end of 2011.

A specialist in the development of offset printing inks, gravure inks and screen printing inks, Bauhinia Variegata Inks enjoys an excellent reputation and support from the international market. In 2005, it was named as “Guangdong Famous Trademark,” and was also granted “China Famous Trademark” by the Trademark Office of The State Administration For Industry and Commerce of the People’s Republic of China in 2010.

To further broaden its ink portfolio, development of offset printing inks began in 2006. Many new types of offset inks have since been developed. In May 2008, Bauhinia Variegata’s soybean oil-based offset printing inks successfully acquired the permission to use the Soy seal trademark of the American Soybean Association (ASA).

Bauhinia Variegata Ink and Chemicals Limited has a strong R&D department, with an eye on environmentally friendly products such as aromatic-free and ketone-free inks, soy inks, alcohol-based inks and water-based inks, and launched a wide variety of inks during the past year. On the gravure side, the company introduced the GSA7 ester-soluble lamination ink series, GAL gravure aluminum ink, GTA environmental protection transfer ink, GTB general transfer ink, GTK buckle edition transfer ink and GMK milk film ink.

In particular, the GSA7 ester-soluble lamination ink is a new generation of the ester-soluble environmental general lamination ink. It has gained wide acceptance once launched on the market; in 2011, the sales volume of GSA7 was nearly 8000 tons.

For the offset market, Bauhinia Variegata Ink introduced its FD1 low halogen soybean oil ink series, FT fast-cure and high gloss non-skin ink. In the screen market, the company launched the PA series PVC connector ink, SUB series nylon ink, SPPC series bottle ink, DBL series single set of glass ink, and AC700 series strengthened organic glass ink.