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14 Nazdar


14 Nazdar
8501 Hedge Lane Terrace
Shawnee, KS 66227-3290
Phone: (913) 422-1888
Fax: (913) 422-2296

Sales: $70 million (and more than $100 million in ink sales, equipment and supplies, Ink World estimate).

Major Products: Screen printing, digital and narrow web inks, including conventional, UV and water-based.

Key Personnel: J. Jeffrey Thrall, CEO; Mike Fox, president; Richard Bowles, VP, GM; Phil McGugan, VP, global sales and marketing; Mike McGowan, VP and technical director; Jim Davidson, VP, global operations; Mike Harjung, VP narrow web business unit.

Operating Facilities: Five in the U.S., UK, Singapore and Mexico.

Comments: Long a leader in the North American screen printing ink market, Nazdar has grown along with its customers, successfully moving into the digital printing ink field and expanding its global reach.

Because of these efforts, Nazdar is enjoying growth worldwide in all of its business areas, which include Nazdar Ink Technologies, a leading manufacturer of specialty inks serving inkjet, narrow web and screen printing markets worldwide; Nazdar SourceOne, a leading distributor of inks, equipment and supplies for screen and digital printers in North and Central America; and Nazdar Consulting Services, with industry renowned personnel that help printers optimize results through training and consultation.

“For us, 2011 was a success with growth in all product sectors,” said Richard Bowles, Nazdar’s vice president and general manager. “Nazdar continues to expand our business in Europe, South America and Asia Pacific.”

Mr. Bowles noted that Nazdar is enjoying growth in a number of areas, notably in digital ink, flexo/rotary ink and LED technology, where the company has accomplished ground-breaking work on the screen side.

“Nazdar collaborated to make Empire Screen Printing in Onalaska, WI, the first company to successfully utilize UV LED ink curing technology for screen printing,” Mr. Bowles said. “LED curing offers many benefits, including elimination of ozone emissions and CFMs from mercury bulbs, lower operating costs for bulb and reflector replacement, and energy savings.”

On the digital ink side, Nazdar has expanded its technical service, creating the connection for quick assistance.

Mr. Bowles pointed out that the impact of digital technologies is felt throughout the printing industry, including the prepress field.

“Clearly, digital technology impinges on the screen printing market, though sectors, particularly industrial, remain healthy,” Mr. Bowles said. “Prepress technology has become an important tool in all printing methods, shortening set-up time and providing more accurate color.”

Mr. Bowles noted that raw materials remain an area of concern for Nazdar.

“Raw material pricing and supply continue to be a concern,” he said. “Nazdar is continually working to leverage our position in order to keep costs low.”

For Nazdar, 2012 is a year of great promise as well as celebration, as the company reflects on its 90th anniversary.

“This year Nazdar, one of the earliest manufacturers of screen printing ink, celebrates 90 years in business,” Mr. Bowles said. “We expect to continue current growth trends, both geographically and technologically.”