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11 FUJIFILM North America, Graphics Systems Division


11 FUJIFILM North America, Graphics Systems Division
1101 W. Cambridge Circle Drive
Kansas City, KS 66103
Phone: (913) 342-4060
Fax: (913) 342-4752

U.S. Sales: $90 million (Ink World estimate)

Major Products: UV screen, UV flexo, UV digital (piezo inkjet), solvent-based digital and solvent-based screen inks; screen pre-press; Inca Onset Digital Printers and Fujifilm UV wide format inkjet printers, Fujifilm Digital Inkjet J Press 720.

Key Personnel: Masahiro Ota, division president; Todd Zimmerman, VP, sales and marketing; Mitch Bode, VP, wide format inkjet and specialty ink systems; Chris Lomas, VP of sales; Terry Mitchell, director of marketing.

Number of Employees: 650.

Operating Facilities: 15.

Comments: As the world of digital printing continues to expand, Fujifilm is enjoying growth. As a result, FUJIFILM North America, Graphic Systems Division, which manufactures inks for both inkjet and screen printing, is also enjoying strong growth.

“As a global corporation, Fujifilm increased revenues over 2010,” said Todd Zimmerman, VP, sales and marketing for Fujifilm. “This increase reflected the release of new products and successful efforts to promote sales in response to growth in emerging markets. The continuing acceptance and growth of inkjet technology in the graphic arts market, and Fujifilm’s leadership role in inkjet, contributed greatly to our success.”

Fujifilm had a number of notable highlights during the past year, beginning with the introduction of the Inca Onset S40 wide-format UV flatbed inkjet printer. The company held its technology preview of the new FUJIFILM Acuity LED 1600 wide-format UV inkjet printer, featuring environmentally-friendly LED ink-curing innovation; the introduction of the Uvistar 2 super wide format UV inkjet printer and the continuation of its legacy as a world-class production printer; the first North American installation of the revolutionary J Press 720, and the opening of the new state-of-the-art CTP manufacturing plant in Tilburg, Netherlands, incorporating cutting-edge manufacturing and energy saving technologies while adding considerable capacity and capability.

The investment in the new CTP manufacturing line in Tilburg adds considerable capacity and capability to Fujifilm, allowing the company to meet the growing demands of customers in Europe, the Middle East and a host of other countries.

Mr. Zimmerman noted that print buyers and printers alike are reaping the benefits of digital technologies.

“The rapid growth and acceptance of digital and inkjet technologies have led to great quality, productivity and efficiency increases in the printing industry,” Zimmerman said. “Print buyers have seen tremendous improvements in quality, turnaround times and cost reduction. Fujifilm’s strength in bringing new inkjet applications to both screen and offset printing has helped to fuel this improvement, allowing many printers to take advantage of new inkjet technologies and expand their business offerings. Screen and offset printers have seen shrinking print runs and increasing ‘regionalization’ and variable data jobs lead to new business opportunities and growth thanks to their investments in new technologies. Fujifilm has worked hard to provide the products and services the evolving printing industry needs to stay competitive and strong.”

Fujifilm has implemented worldwide approaches in order to cope with raw material costs and supply issues.

“Material costs and supply issues present a challenge to the entire industry,” Mr. Zimmerman reported. “Fujifilm expects to see a recovery in the very near future, and has implemented global initiatives designed to create a strong and robust company positioned to provide our business partners with the innovative products and services they need when they need them.”

Mr. Zimmerman said that a major component of Fujifilm’s growth strategy entails bolstering activities in priority business fields that allow it to differentiate its products using proprietary technologies, “ Major growth initiatives include screen and offset printing technologies, wide format, digital inkjet and CTP,” Mr. Zimmerman said. “Fujifilm plans to expand its role as the leading plate supplier to the graphic arts industry to the world of flexography. Packaging presents an ideal opportunity for Fujifilm to expand its technological innovation in ink technology, especially LED-curing inks.

“You can expect to see exciting new developments at the drupa trade fair this year that will increase quality, enhance productivity and expand efficiencies. Fujifilm is committed to strengthening our lineup of high-quality products that boast superior cost performance, anticipate and accommodate changing market needs, and reinforce our long-term commitment to our customers.”

Mr. Zimmerman said that Fujifilm will continue to use leading edge, proprietary technologies to add innovation and utility to its products, including the J Press 720 inkjet printing press, wide format, super wide format and roll-fed inkjet printers, media and its line of inks and toner-based inks.

“Fujifilm fully intends to grow its market-leading position worldwide by introducing innovative, productivity-enhancing products and services,” Mr. Zimmerman concluded. “By harnessing the strengths of our technological prowess, we plan to release a constant stream of high value-added products in fields that can be expected to experience significant growth.

“Fujifilm’s corporate philosophy is to use leading edge, proprietary technologies to provide top-quality products and services that contribute to the advancement of culture, science, technology and industry, as well as improved health and environmental protection in society,” Mr. Zimmerman added. “Our overarching aim is to help enhance the quality of life of people worldwide.”