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International Ink Companies to Watch


International Ink Companies to Watch

Ruco Druckfarben/A.M. Ramp & Co. GmbH
Lorsbacher Strasse 28
65817 Eppstein,
Phone: +49-61-98-3040
Fax: +49-61-98-32288
Sales: $46.6 million.

Major Products: Full line of screen and pad printing inks, UV dry offset inks, full line of packaging gravure and flexo inks including UV flexo.

Key Personnel: Heinz Walter Menke, managing director; Jürgen Schmidkunz, COO. Dr. Maurizio Ragnetti, head of laboratory. Gravure, flexographic printing, special gravure division: Ronald Säckl, sales manager; Screen printing, pad printing, offset printing division: Frank Schrätz, sales manager, Alfred Beckers, regional director, Asia Pacific.

Number of Employees: 185.

Comments:Founded in 1857, RUCO Druckfarben/A.M. Ramp & Co. GmbH is a market leader is screen, pad, UVdry offset, flexo and gravure printing inks. Exports are a particular strength, with more than 55 percent of its sales exported to more than 70 countries.

As specialized system providers, RUCO’s product range comprises a wide variety of impressive application options to suit every situation. Everyday items such as flexible packaging of all kinds, plastic foils and container, glass, labels, cosmetics, toys, CDs, cigarettes and many other products are decorated with the company’s inks using many different printing processes.

In close corporation with its customers, RUCO develops solutions that satisfy the highest demands on such aspects as resistance, bonding and color fastness, while also giving high respect to economic aspects.

First-class service, innovative development work and a distinctly high global quality standard have allowed RUCO to become a recognized partner of the international printing industry. Equipped with versatile technology and the necessary know-how, today we develop the printing inks of tomorrow in cooperation with our customers.

RUCO Druckfarben combines all of the positive properties of a medium-sized business: flexibility, team spirit and customer proximity. Printing plants, the plastics processing industry and branded article manufacturers all over the world rely on the quality of its printing inks. On top of this, as a system provider, RUCO convinces our customers with individual solutions specific to each sector.

Chimigraf Ibérica, S.L.
Polígono Ind.
C. Compoitor Carcassí, 6-8.
08191 RUBÍ, Barcelona
Phone: +34 93 586 2334
Fax: +34 93 699 2152
Sales: $43 million (€32.5 million) (Ink World estimate).

Major Products: Water- and solvent-based flexo inks; solvent-based gravure inks; UV, eco solvent and solvent inkjet inks; UV varnishes.

Key Personnel: Ugo la Vale, president; Armand Marcé, general manager; Rafael Doblas, export director; Antonio Lopes, sales and technical director; Xavier Ruzafa, operations manager; Antoni Masqué, financial director; Emilio Fernandez, R+D director.

Number of Employees: 150.

Comments: Founded in 1970, Chimigraf Ibérica, S.L. is a Barcelona, Spain-based specialist in water-, solvent- and UV-based inks for flexo, gravure and inkjet. The company enjoyed an excellent 2010, with sales growing 7% to €32.5 million.

Higher raw material prices were a concern for Chimigraf Iberica.

“The price increases of raw materials, especially solvents, has had a huge impact during the entire last two quarters of 2010,” said Cleo Vargas, export sales executive. “The only possible reaction was the increase of prices on the traditional inks and the unstoppable searcb for new ways to formulate colors and applications according to the substrates used by the customers.”

Mr. Vargas noted that paper prices in the corrugated cardboard sector are rising. “We are helping our customers with new developments in technology and products to allow them to use other choices of paper that are less expensive but offer the same quality.” Mr. Vargas said. “In the solvent area, we are working to achieve products with a much lower environmental impact. To reach this, we have the OK Compost series, certified by Vincotte, and the new Epocure inkjet series, which is 100% eco solvent.”

Inkjet is a strong growth area for ink manufacturers, and Chimgraf Iberica is moving forward in this field, by developing inkjet products for the graphic arts and ceramic sectors. In the past year, Chimigraf developed a wide range of new products, including eco solvent and ceramic inkjet inks, as well as white primer inks and inks for PVC sleeves. In addition, Daniel Boronot has been added as inkjet technical service.

The company is also expanding its global reach, focusing on Asia and North America. The company has added dedicated agents in Texas and China, and brought in Mr. Vargas as export sales executive.

Encres Dubuit
ZI Mitry Compans
1 Rue Issac Newton
77292 Mitry Cedex, France
Phone: +33 1-6467-4163
Fax: +33 1-6467-1177
Sales: $40 million (€30.3 million)

Major Products: Screen printing, offset, flexo, UV, digital and specialty inks.

Key Personnel: Christophe Dubuit, general manager; Yann Hamelin, R&D general manager; Frederic Blancher, international sales director; Chystelle Ferrari, CFO; Olivier Cocagne, Europe sales director; Liliana Golan, area sales manager, East of Europe; Bilel Bensalem, area sales manager, Asia/Middle East/North Africa; Alexandra Biais, area sales manager, North America/Europe; Monique Paris, sales manager, Dubuit Canada; Thierry Schreyeck, general manager, Dubuit Shanghai; Jose Meyer, sales director, Tintas Dubuit; Phillippe Ayala, general manager, Dubuit Color; Dave Cordell, general manager, Dubuit of America, USA.

Number of Employees: 200.

Comments: Encres Dubuit, a Mitry Cedex, France–based UV screen and digital ink specialist, enjoyed an excellent year in terms of sales in 2010, recording €30.3 million in sales, up nearly 28% from 2009’s sales figure of €23.7 million

Christophe Dubuit enters his second year as chairman of the Management Board, which he was named to as of April 1, 2010, succeeding Jean-Louis Dubuit.

The company enjoys a strong performance in overseas markets, with approximately 60% of sales coming from its four subsidiaries –Tintas Dubuit in Spain, Dubuit Canada, Dubuit Color in Brazil and Dubuit Shanghai. In 2008, in Brazil, Dubuit Color and Techno Paint merged to create Dubuit Paint.

Encres Dubuit has entered the U.S. market with its new subsidiary, Dubuit of America USA. Dave Cordell is the general manager of Dubuit of America USA, which is headquartered in Roselle, IL.

The company emphasizes R&D for markets such as cell phones, smart cards and optical discs, as well as digital inks. The company most recently introduced its Evolution series of digital inks and UV Uviglass inks for glass applications.

Brancher Company
Parc d’activite du Saule
28170 Tremblay les villages, France
Phone: +33 2 37 38 91 00
Fax: +33 2 37 38 91 21
Sales: $27 million (€20 million).

Major Products: Sheetfed offset, solvent-based flexo and gravure, water-based flexo, and UV flexo and offset inks.

Key Personnel: Sebastien Brancher, president and CEO; Stephane Atoumo, international development director; Emmanuel Jublot, sales director, France; Magali Richard, R&D director.

Number of Employees: 150.

Comments: Brancher Company is an independently-owned offset, flexo and UV ink specialist headquartered in Tremblay les villages, France. The company enjoyed 8% sales growth in 2010. Higher raw material costs had a heavy impact, forcing Brancher to increase its own prices.

The company splits its sales fairly equally between its domestic and export markets, with sales in more than 60 countries globally. To meet demand in Central Europe and Asia, Brancher established its Brancher Central Europe subsidiary in Poland in 2000, and its Hong Kong subsidiary in 2005.

Brancher places a strong emphasis on R&D, and came out with some innovative products again this year, led by its Natura V LOLM Offset, Photon LOLM UV and Quantum Letterpress UV inks.