Top Companies Report

17. Sanchez SA de CV


17. Sanchez SA de CV
Oriente 171 # 367
México City, Mexico
Phone: +52 55 5118 1000

Sales:$125 million (inks); $167 million overall.

Major Products: Offset, flexo, gravure and screen inks and overprint varnishes; offset plates, pressroom chemicals and offset presses.

Key Personnel: Ernesto J. Sanchez, managing director; Jose Sanchez, commercial director (paste inks); Miguel Talamantes, commercial director (liquid inks); Jesus McKelligan, operations director; Salvador Duran, technical manager (paste inks); Agustin Lozano, technical manager (liquid inks).

Number of Employees: 1,150.

Comments: Mexico has rebounded from the global recession and enjoyed solid growth in 2010, which bodes well for Sanchez SA de CV, the leading ink manufacturer in Mexico.

“The economy in Mexico seemed to enter into a recovery pace during 2010, not at the expected pace but a recovery at last,” said Ernesto J. Sanchez, managing director of Sanchez SA de CV. “The official GDP growth for 2010 has not been published but it should be around 5 %. Our growth in Sanchez was 3.7% measured in kilos, so we were able to surpass not only our 2009 sales, but also those of 2008, reaching the 39,300 ton mark.”

Mr. Sanchez said that growth occurred across the board in offset inks.

“The market did have a positive reaction, and we had good results in areas like sheetfed offset, heatset and news, markets where we had serious concerns at the beginning of the year,” he noted.

Raw materials are a major concern, with unprecedented raw material price increases putting pressure on all ink manufacturers.

“Our main concern is the shortage of raw materials and increase in its prices. Some of our key raw materials have experienced price increases like we haven’t seen before. This of course has taken us into the process of increasing our prices as well,” Mr. Sanchez said.

Sanchez SA de CV has been making major inroads in Central America. In 2009, the company opened a subsidiary, Tintas Sanchez Guatemala SA, in Guatemala City. In 2010, Sanchez SA de CV opened a new subsidiary in Costa Rica.

“Internationally, we opened our subsidiary in Costa Rica, so along with Sanchez Centroamerica in El Salvador and Sanchez Guatemala, we expect to increase our leadership in the area,” Mr. Sanchez said.