Top Companies Report

12. Van Son Holland Ink Corporation of America


185 Oval Dr.
Islandia, NY 11501
Phone: (631) 715-7000
Fax: (631) 715-7020
Sales: $65 million.

Major Products: Conventional offset, waterless offset and duplicator inks. 

Key Personnel: Joe Bendowski, president and CEO; Ken Ferguson, technical director; John Sammis, VP, sales and marketing; John Bendowski, national sales manager. 
Number of Employees: 100.

Operating Facilities: Headquarters and manufacturing in Islandia, NY, a central distribution center in Chicago and a blending facility in Miami, FL.

Comments: For the commercial offset market, 2009 was a difficult year. For Van Son Holland Ink, the transition from the small-sized commercial offset market to mid- and large-sized sheetfed segment continues to drive sales. 

The key has been the company’s Vs series of inks, which Van Son sells through its alliance with a select group of regional small ink manufacturers and national distributors located throughout North America. Van Son provides the production and marketing of the Vs inks, while these companies sell and provide the service for the inks. Van Son continues to expand the series.

“The Vs line has been so successful and we keep building on it,” said Joe Bendowski, president and CEO, during Print 09. “Vs Zero has no VOCs. Vs1 is more cost effective. Vs9 is our UV ink and Vs4 is waterless. For us, it is all growth as the large sheetfed market is relatively new for us. As the market demands, we will add to the program.”

Van Son Holland Ink added a new mixing facility in Miami, and has designs on additional operations.

“To grow in the commercial market, you have to be closer to the market,” Mr. Bendowski said. “We opened a new mixing facility and warehouse in Miami, which will be a bridge for us to Latin America, where we are doing well. We are also planning to open two more mixing facilities later in the year.”