Supplier's Corner

Konica Minolta Launches New CM-3600A/3610A Spectrophotometer


Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc. (KMSA) has launched its newest benchtop spectrophotometers, the CM-3600A and CM-3610A.

The CM-3600A Spectrophotometer is a versatile instrument that can handle a wide variety of applications for measuring reflectance and transmittance of solids. With optional accessories, it can also measure the transmittance of liquids.

CM-3610A provides a different kind of versatility in vertical-format bottom-port spectrophotometer. Its piston-type sample holder makes sample positioning simple.
Both models have a sample viewer that is equipped with a high-brightness LED to provide a bright, clear image of the measurement sample at the measurement aperture, enabling precise positioning of samples for measurement.
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