Supplier's Corner

Suppliers Corner


Tego Offers Micronized
Waxes for Printing Inks

Tego Coating Additives and Specialty Resins has introduced two new micronized waxes designed to improve scratch resistance and anti-blocking properties in printing inks and coatings. Vestowax X 4118 is a micronized polyethylene wax used in solvent- and water-based industrial wood coatings. It achieves a high matting effect, excellent scratch resistance and improved chemical resistance.
Vestowax SH 112, a micronized Fischer-Tropsch wax, is used in printing inks to improve slip and anti-blocking properties. In addition, it improves the water repellency and scratch resistance of paint and coatings. Both waxes exhibit good dispersion characteristics with minimal agglomeration. Typically, these products are used at levels between 0.5 and 2 percent in printing ink or coating formulations. More info: Tego, (800) 446-1809; web:

Cray Valley Releases

Hydrocarbon Resins Catalog

Cray Valley has released a new full-color product catalog for its hydrocarbon resin line that includes the Norsolene and Wingtack products. The catalog includes complete background information on the two product lines and the different resins available. It also includes technical data, U.S. FDA compliance measurements and more. Free copies of the new hydrocarbon resins product catalog are available by calling (800) TACK-RES or by e-mailing More info: Cray Valley, web:

Cytec Launches New
Printing Ink Products

Cytec Industries has launched a number of new products. Duroxyn VEF 2406w/45WA, a cationic epoxy ester resin, is zero-VOC, solvent-free, one pack, fast drying with quick recoat time and gives good overall adhesion on multiple substrates.
Ucecoat 7655 is a new high performance aliphatic radiation curable dispersion in water. It provides outstanding stain, chemical and scratch resistance, excellent reactivity in transparent and pigmented systems and ease of formulation, according to the company. Ucecoat 7655 has optimized colloidal stability, tack-free behavior before cure and low VOC. More info: Cytec Industries, web:

Clariant Launches New
Pigments for Printing Inks

Clariant has launched a number of new pigment technologies for printing inks. Novoperm Yellow HN4G is a green-shade azo nickel complex pigment featuring good lightfastness and overall fastness properties, as well as heat resistance that can be used in water-based decorative gravure printing inks.
Permanent Carmine P-FBB 04 from the Pigments and Additives Division is a blue-shaded naphthol AS pigment with good fastness properties. Although it was developed for solvent-based liquid printing inks, it can also be used for water-based packaging inks as well as paste inks.
Permanent Rubine F6B 01 is a blue-shade, semi-transparent naphthol AS pigment with good fastness properties. It is recommended for paste inks as well as for solvent- and water-based packaging gravure and flexographic printing inks. More info: Clariant, or through the web:;

Gardco Launches Friction
Testers and Software

Gardco has launched several full feature friction testers for film and sheet materials. FX-7000 COF tester is a full-featured, easy to use analog-based friction tester for closely monitoring nominal and peak friction with a fixed sled speed of 6 inches per minute. FX-7000 -VS COF tester has the same features as the previous model, but with variable speed sled, with a speed range from 1 to 20 inches per minute. Both models come with 500 gram force scale as standard; other ranges are available.
FX-7100 COF tester is a full featured digital-based friction tester, which can be run as a stand-alone machine or a computer-assisted tester with optional FX-7000 quality control software for automatic calculation and graphical display of static and kinetic friction data. It has fixed sled speed of 6 inches per minute. FX-7100-VS COF tester has the same features as the previous model but with variable speed sled with speed range from 1 to 20 inches per minute. Both models come 250 gram force scale standard; other ranges are available.
FX-7200 quality control software can be used on FX-7100, FX-7100-VS and FX-7100-VS COF testers. The software features a wide range of statistical and graphical information, including static coefficient of friction and kinetic coefficient of friction, with the ability to edit and define the field of data included in the kinetic friction calculator. More info: Gardco, (9554) 946-9454; web:

Union Process Produces
Continuous Attritor

Union Process has built its first C-60 continuous attritor for an environmentally conscientious ceramics manufacturer. The C-60 attritor will aid in the grinding of ceramic material pulled from the manufacturer’s waste stream. The C-60 features stationary arms that are built into the sides of the grinding tank. These arms help to interrupt mass or build-up and also decreases the amount of wear on the tank.
The stainless steel grinding tank has a gross volume of 79 gallons and is jacketed for cooling. It is also equipped with a stainless steel inlet assembly with check valve. Continuous attritors are ideal for continuous products and fast grinding of large quantities of material, and they are designed to deliver low-cost, low maintenance operations. More info: Union Process, (330) 929-3333; or via the web: