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Suppliers Corner


Cognis Expands
Versamid PUR Resins

Cognis has expanded its range of Versamid PUR resins with new products in the Versamid PUR 1000, 1100 and 7000 series. These resins, used in for flexible packaging lamination applications, combine excellent performance properties with environmental compliance. These lamination ink resins exhibit excellent color development, bond strength and adhesion on a variety of substrates. They have very low residual solvent in the dried ink and fast resolubility on the press. In addition, Versamid PUR resins are film forming, completely miscible with a variety of alcohol or alcohol/ester systems and can be used to create high-solids inks.
Both Versamid PUR 1010 and 1120 are non-reactive thermoplastic polyurethane resins suitable for use in flexo and gravure inks for packaging, as they do not cause flexographic printing plates to swell. Inks based on the two new resins have excellent solvent release properties and provide outstanding cohesion, flexibility and adhesion to a variety of polyolefin, polyester, polymer-coated and metallized films. Versamid PUR 1120 comes with the added benefits of nitrocellulose compatibility, improved hardness and enhanced heat resistance.
Versamid PUR 7132 is a TDI- and tin-free, non-reactive polyurethane solution that exhibits broad compatibility with a variety of co-resins and additives. It can be used as a flexibilizing resin for film forming binders and as an adhesion promoting resin for flexographic and gravure printing inks. More info: Cognis, +49-2173-4995-139; E-mail:; web:

Cytec Launches New
Energy Curable Resins

Cytec Industries Inc. has launched two new energy curable resins for a broad range of industrial metal applications. Ebecryl 3213 epoxy acrylate is designed to provide outstanding adhesion to metal substrates for general pipe and tubing applications. UV/EB cured formulations containing Ebecryl 3213 are characterized by exceptional hardness, durability, corrosion resistance and superior chemical resistance.
Ebecryl 1701-TP20 acrylated acrylic is a co-polymer with good flexibility, gloss and weatherability, and provides excellent adhesion to cold rolled steel and aluminum. Ebecryl 1701-TP20 has been formulated for packaging applications, including can coatings and metal decorating inks, and for clear coatings for general industrial applications. More info: Cytec Industries, (973) 357-3193, (800) 652-6013; e-mail:; web:

Ciba Launches New
Pigments and Software

Ciba Specialty Chemicals is offering a number of new products and technologies including a new generation of high-performance diketo-pyrrolo-pyrrole (DPP) pigments that extend the color space, new technologies for improved environmental sustainability, new effects that enhance appeal and allow novel designs and new web-based services and support.
The first product in the new generation of diketo-pyrrolo-pyrrole (DPP) pigments is a bright orange that extends the attainable color space and can be used in combination with other high-performance or effect pigments to create individual stylings.
Ciba has also launched new web-based tools and services at, which are designed to assist color communication throughout the value chain. The 3-D PDF enables users to view an object from all angles, to share styling and design ideas as required and to develop concepts together with other users. It complements Color Trend Vision, a design and technology package developed to provide color trend forecasts and information, design tools, technology, consulting services and products for coatings, inks and plastics applications. More info: Ciba Specialty Chemicals, +41 61 636 5081; fax: +41 61 636 5111; web:

Sartomer Offers New
Rad-Cure Oligomers

Sartomer Company has introduced CN9013 urethane acrylate oligomer  for abrasion resistance and exterior durability. CN 9013 provides the energy-cure formulator with a chemical resistant, fast curing and low shrinkage coating vehicle that exceeds the performance of di-pentaerythritol pentaacrylate. CN9013 urethane acrylate oligomers are light stable, fast curing and exhibit good adhesion. More info: Sartomer Company, (800) SARTOMER, (610) 363-4100; web:

Ross Offers Improved
Planetary Mixer

Charles Ross and Son Company recently introduced its improved 500 gallon double planetary mixer. The mixer is equipped with HV (high viscosity) mixing blades. The HV blade design permits the mixing of viscous materials up to 8,000,000 cps. The mixer includes stainless steel construction, full vacuum operations, jacketed mix vessel for heating or cooling, dual post air/oil hydraulic lift and mix vessel on caster wheels. Designs are available from 1 pint through 750 gallons. A variety of options including complete control packages, discharge systems and sanitary designs are available. More info: Charles Ross and Son Co., (800) 243-ROSS; fax: (631) 234-0691; e-mail:; web:

Gardco Offers
PosiTector 200 Series II

Gardco offers PosiTector 200 Series II, a coating thickness gage that non-destructively measures a wide variety of applications using ultrasound technology. The instrument continually displays and updates averages, standard deviation and number of readings while measuring. More info: Paul N. Gardner Co., (954) 946-9454, (800) 762-2478; fax: (954) 946-9309; e-mail:; web: