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Tego Dispers 685 For Rad-Cure Inks

Tego Coating Additives and Specialty Resins has introduced Tego Dispers 685, a new wetting and dispersing additive designed for preparing pigment concentrates for radiation curable industrial coatings and printing inks.
Tego Dispers 685, a high molecular weight polymer, is a free-flowing clear liquid, supplied 100% active. It is easy to dissolve in conventional monomers,  monomer/oligomer resin blends or in a variety of common solvents. It is suitable for pigment grinding on three roll mills or media mills and is added to the grind at levels of 15-30 percent as supplied, calculated on total pigment weight.
Dispers 685 is especially suitable for some organic pigments, such as yellow, red and blue and produces outstanding development of color strength, improved rheology, lower yield point and strong reduction of mill base viscosity allowing for high pigment loading. More info: Tego Coating Additives and Specialty Resins, (804) 541-8658, (800) 446-1809; web:

Cognis Launches Foamaster 350

Cognis has developed Foamaster 350 mineral-oil free defoamer for use in high performance varnishes, coatings and adhesives. Derived from renewable resources, this new universal liquid defoamer is comprised of hydrophobic elements and and natural oils. It delivers quick foam suppression during polymerization and its overall performance and effectiveness are comparable to those of mineral-oil defoamers, according to the company.
Foamaster 350 is suitable for use in the manufacture of synthetic latex, matte or satin-finished water-based architectural coatings, a variety of plasters and aqueous adhesives. More info: Cognis, +49-2173-4995-142; e-mail:; web:

Ciba Launches Color Trend Vision Technology Package

Ciba Specialty Chemicals has launched Color Trend Vision, a design and technology package developed to provide designers, converters, paint, ink and masterbatch producers with global and regional color trend forecasts and information, design tools, technology and consulting services and products for coatings, inks and plastics applications.
The tool kit includes an interactive presentation, available on CD-ROM, which comprises 31 new trend colors researched and prepared by a global team of professional design consultants  together with technical specialists from Ciba. The presentation includes trend facts, statistics on the popularity of different colors and information on color research and products. It also gives the background to each color, shows it on the objects and highlights technical aspects.
The Color Evolution Guide is a 200-page source of information on upcoming color trends based on research in key regions of the world. It provides further details of the 31 selected colors, based on their current and future trend position. More info: Ciba Specialty Chemicals, web:

Sartomer Offers New Rad-Cure Oligomers

Sartomer Company has introduced CN3108, CN3109 and CN3110, three radiation-cure oligomers for glass laminating adhesives and coatings. The benefits of these new oligomers include improved adhesion to glass, non-yellowing and moisture resistance.
CN3108, CN3109 and CN3110 impart structural adhesion levels when used to bond glass substrates. These products exhibit excellent color and have low viscosities to provide formulating latitude. More info: Sartomer Company, (800) SARTOMER, (610) 363-4100; web:

Rahn Launches Genomer 2235 Epoxy Acrylate

Rahn has launched Genomer 2235,  a new epoxy acrylate. This low viscosity, aliphatic epoxy diacrylate is a resin for radically curable inks, coatings and adhesives.
Genomer 2235 is recommended for applications where high reactivity and low viscosity are required and is used in fast curing formulations, producing chemically resistant and strong but still flexible films. More info: Rahn +41 44 315 42 00; fax: +41 44 312 42 65; e-mail:; or the web:

Premier Mill Offers New Submersible Drum Mill

Premier Mill has introduced the new PSDM-55 Submersible Drum Mill. An economical version of the company’s PSM Submersible Basket Media Mill, this free-standing stand-mounted basket type mill has an independently powered milling shaft basket assembly and separate single mixing shaft. It is capable of processing milling batches from 20 to 55 gallons in a single drum. It can be used for low viscosity batch up to 2,000 cps. More info: Premier Mill, an SPX Process Equipment Operations, (484) 331-7639; fax: (610) 779-9666; web:

Union Process Introduces New Attritor Mill

Union Process has produced a new S-series attritor designed specifically for cryogenic milling of aluminum powders. The S-50 has a special cover with a Teflon shaft seal for ultimate grinding results at low temperatures. It features a vent port for liquid nitrogen as well as ports for thermocouples. The S-50 attritor is designed with a jacket around the exterior of the tank to maintain full vacuum at temperatures as low as -320˚F.  More info: Union Process: (330) 929-3333; e-mail:; web: