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Noveon Offers Carbobond 2862 Copolymer

Carbobond 2862 copolymer from Noveon offers excellent adhesion to a variety of printed substrates. Ideal for blister-pack and heat-seal coating applications, Carbobond 2862 copolymer combines favorable properties from both solvent-based and water-polymer systems for added flexibility in a functional coating.

Carbobond 2862 copolymer features rapid sealing at low activation temperatures. It can be formulated as a blister pack coating to seal properly up to 20-25°F lower than typical waterborne technology, and is within 10-15°F of any solvent-based system. As a result, converters can run at faster line speeds and benefit from the higher efficiencies. Highly flexible, the copolymer can seal both PET and PVC blisters, and its flexibility also makes it ideal for heat-seal laminating adhesive applications. Carbobond 2862 copolymer provides excellent printability and clean-up characteristics and can be formulated to provide good blocking. More info: Noveon,Carol Durgan, (216) 447-5426; web:  

Cognis Offers Low
Foaming Wetting Agent

To satisfy growing demand for high-performance wetting agents that provide the right balance between efficacy and environmental compliance, Cognis' Functional Products business unit has developed a new low foaming wetting agent for waterborne systems. Hydropalat 120 is label- and solvent-free, and delivers reliable performance across a broad range of applications.
The new wetting agent can be used in the formulation of low-foaming surfactant blends, especially those subjected to mechanical agitation that encourages foam formation. It is also suitable for use in water-based industrial coatings and printing inks, as well as in water-based adhesive formulations, where it improves wetting and leveling. In pigment pastes, Hydropalat 120 improves compatibility when combined with non-ionic dispersing additives, such as Hydropalat 1080, or anionic types, such as Hydropalat 7003. The new wetting agent also offers good acid and alkali stability, and good water solubility in all areas of application. More info: Cognis; +49-2173-4995-139; via e-mail to:;

Rahn Introduces New
UV-Cure Oligomers

Rahn has introduced three new UV-curable oligomers, Genomer 5142 and Genomer 5161 oligoamine and Genomer 2280 epoxy acrylate. Both oligoamines, Genomer 5142 and Genomer 5161 are acrylated amine synergists for radically curable coatings, inks and adhesives. In combination with a photoinitiator type II, Genomer 5142 and Genomer 5161 improve cure speed and surface cure. The recommended concentration in formulations is typically between 5-15%. Smaller amounts can also reduce oxygen inhibition. Areas of use are wide and cover most UV/EB applications.

Genomer 2280 is a modified bisphenol A epoxyacrylate and offers a balance of properties. Compared with standard bisphenol A epoxyacrylates, Genomer 2280 features greater flexibility and toughness while maintaining fast cure response, high resistance properties and high hardness, according to the company. More info: Rahn, +41 44 315 42 00; fax: +41 44 312 21 50; e-mail:; web:

Union Process Introduces
New Attritor Mill

Union Process has produced a new S-series attritor designed specifically for cryogenic milling of aluminum powders. The S-50 has a special cover with a Teflon shaft seal for ultimate grinding results at low temperatures. It features a vent port for liquid nitrogen as well as ports for thermocouples. The S-50 attritor is designed with a jacket around the exterior of the tank to maintain full vacuum at temperatures as low as -320˚F. It features a gross tank volume of 81 gallons and a media volume of 37 gallons. More info: Union Process: (330) 929-3333; fax: (330) 929-3034; e-mail:; or the web: www.unionprocess.

CB Mills Offers RHS-850
For Solvent Recovery

CB Mills has added RHS-850 to its line of RHS-solvent recovery stills. The RHS-850 will produce between 350- 450 gallons per hour of clean solvent. The RHS-850 features all of the standard features of the RHS line, but meets the demands of the higher volume solvent user. Standard features include hot oil circulation for consistent heating; staged heater for efficient energy consumption; stairs and platform for easy access; explosion proof lighted viewing window to monitor distillation; PLC controls for pinpoint process parameter settings and maintenance timers and diagnostics. More info: CB Mills, Ron Starkey, (847) 662-4000 ext. 305; or e-mail:

Testing Machines
Launches New Release
And Adhesion Tester

Testing Machines has released the Lab Master Release and Adhesion Tester 80-91 series. The new tester features a direct drive system, easier calibration set-up with no pulleys, a built in industrial computer with a flat panel display, one-piece construction with all the cables built in so that the user need only plug in the load cell and test and twist lock angle system with degree set markers, allowing test angles of 90, 135, and 180 degrees to be set. More info: Testing Machines Inc. (631) 439-5400; fax: 631-439-5420; web: