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Cytec Launches Energy Curable Products


Cytec Launches Energy Curable Products

Cytec Industries has launched four new energy curable products for the North American packaging industry. Viaflex 410 is a non-initiated letdown vehicle designed for use in UV/EB flexographic inks and coatings. It offers excellent end-use properties required for shrink sleeve applications, including compatibility with a wide range of color concentrates, and excellent adhesion and clarity.

Viascreen 515 is an energy curable vehicle for rotary screen inks. It provides excellent adhesion to a variety of plastics, good milling properties and very good cure response. Also launched were Ebecryl 325, an acrylated adhesion promoter for UV/EB coatings applications on porous and non-porous substrates, and Ebecryl 341, a silicone-free, UV curable additive for slip, blocking resistance and intercoat adhesion.

Cytec Industries has also launched new UV curable resins with low extractable and odor for the packaging graphics industry that feature a new family Ebecryl LEO resins.

“The Ebecryl LEO resins address the upcoming REACH regulations in Europe,” said Michael Kucharski, market manager, graphics, Americas for Cytec. “We’re helping our customers in North America proactively address food packaging issues by ensuring that the inks and coatings used in food packaging can meet the stringent European Union standards.”

The Ebecryl LEO resins include IRR 560 and IRR 562 grades. They offer ink and overprint manufacturers valuable new options for inks and  OPVs for indirect food packaging printing, especially those designed for use with human foods, pet foods, pharmaceuticals and similar products.

More info: Cytec Industries Inc., web:

Schold Machine Offers Hydraulic Press-Out

Schold Machine Corp. offers a hydraulic jib style discharge press-out. Jib style press-outs raise the vessel and ram assembly to a desired elevation and can pivot to various radial position to supply high viscosity, poor flowing products, to filters, packaging stations or over mills. Pressout ramassembly with power pack can stay connected to the vessel for floor mount operation or attached to the job for conventional elevated use.

More info: Schold Machine Corp., (708) 458-3788; fax: 9708) 458-3866; e-mail:; or the web:

Tonson Offers New Bung Entry Air Mixer

Tonson Angle bung entry air mixer equipped with high torque radial piston drive air motor, stainless steel shaft and two collapsible polished stainless impellers is ideal for mixing low to medium viscosity materials in closed drums. Impellers fit through and the unit simply screws into a 2” bung opening on steel drums, allowing quick installation and optimal operating angles. Specifications may be customized.

More info: Tonson Air Motors Manufacturing Corp., +866-4-22611047; fax: +886-4-22611678; e-mail:; web:

Clariant to Rebrand Pigments and Additives

As a result of Clariant’s spin-off from Sandoz in 1995, the Pigments and Additives Division of Clariant is required to change the brand names of its products starting with “Sand.” The official launch of the new brand names is Jan. 1, 2007.

Clariant will execute the name changes in all printed materials, online sites and product databases this year. The rebranding process is scheduled to be completed by Jan. 1, 2008. The rebranding applies to the following products: Sanduvar light stabilizer will be renamed Hostavin; Sandostab stabilizer/antioxidant  will be renamed Hostanox; Sandoplast polymer soluble dyes will be renamed Solvaperm; Sandosperse pigment preparations for the printing industry will be renamed Flexonyl; and Sandocolor aluminum finishing will be renamed Anodal Color.

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Ross Offers Explosion Proof Triple Shaft Mixer

Charles Ross and Son Company now offers the laboratory triple shaft VersaMix with an explosion proof control panel. The new model is completely enclosed and all components are shrouded for safety. Included as standard features are many components that were once offered as optional features, including reverse vertical lift to raise the mix can to mixing position, self contained explosion proof control panel, single point hook-up, variable speed control and inverter duty motors, jacketed mix can with discharge valve and thermocouple inside of mix can. The VersaMix model is also available with a new range of optional features, including sanitary designs, special benches and vacuum and pressure sealing options.

More info: Charles Ross and Son, (800) 243-ROSS; fax: (631) 234-0691; e-mail:; web:

Stork Prints Launches Colorsat Match

Stork Prints has launched an easy-to-install gravimetric ink dispensing system, which enable users of relatively low ink volumes to deliver spot-on color accuracy, keep waste to a minimum and reduce ink formation times. Colorsat Match as a dispensing range up to 10 kg and has the capacity to mix inks from at least 12, and up to 20, components. It is suitable for dispensing UV-curing and water-based flexo, screen and gravure inks with viscosity up to 2500 mPas. Other features include an integrated design of a storage tank for base inks and an air-driven piston pimp with a circulation unit.

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