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Suppliers Corner


Johnson Polymer Offers Two New Products for Formulating Printing Inks

Johnson Polymer introduced two new products for formulating printing inks at the 49th Annual NPIRI Technical Conference.

The first, Joncryl FLX 5000, is Johnson Polymer’s most recent innovation in water-based acrylic polymer technology. Film printing inks based on Joncryl FLX 5000 provide a great balance of printability and resistance properties, making it possible to achieve high quality surface printing results on film with water-based inks.

The second, Joncryl HPD 296, enables the manufacture of stable, high solids, low viscosity pigment dispersions and allows for 40% or higher organic pigment loading. The high pigment concentrations that are possible with Joncryl HPD 296 give the formulator greater flexibility to make concentrated high performance water-based inks for today’s finer line anilox printing. More info: Johnson Polymer, (800) 231-7868; fax: (262) 631-4052; e-mail:; web:

IGT Testing Systems Launches New Test Device

IGT Testing Systems has released a new printability tester for flexo inks. The IGT F1 Basic allows ink manufacturers, printers and suppliers of flexible materials to meet their quality standards and to ensure consistent test results in a production and R&D environment. The IGT F1 features preset printing conditions, low maintenance, sturdy construction and consistent test results. More info: IGT Testing Systems, +31 20 409 9300; fax: +31 20 697 4842; e-mail:; web:   

Integrity Engineering Offers Perfect Proofer

Integrity Engineering manufactures the Perfect Proofer for the flexographic printing market. The Perfect Proofer provides a consistent and reliable means to correlate inks right to press in the ink room and reducing unscheduled press downtime to five minutes or less per color, according to the company. More info: Integrity Engineering, (763) 856-4040; fax: (763) 856-5050; via e-mail at:;

Troy Offers Troysperse SD100 Dispersion

Troy Corp. has launched Troysperse SD100, a high-performance additive for the dispersion of inorganic pigments such as titanium dioxide, iron oxide and extender pigments in nonaqueous formulations. Troysperse SD100 increases the speed of dispersion, decreases the viscosity of the pigment dispersion paste and assists in maintaining separation of the pigment particles. Troysperse SD100 can be used in a number of coating applications, including lower VOC coatings, architectural, maintenance and industrial formulations. More info: Troy Corp., (973) 443-4200; web:

Gardco Offers Little Joe ADM for Grind Gages

Gardco offers Little Joe Automatic Drawdown Machine (ADM) for grind gages. Key features of ADM include removal of operator variables, smooth motorized scavenger movement, consistent scraper angle and consistent and accurate scraper force adjustable from 1.75-6 kg. More info: Gardco, (954) 946-9454; fax: (954) 946-9309; e-mail:; web:

Phoseon Technology Offers UV Light System

Phoseon Technology is offering the first in a family of wide area solid state UV light systems in Europe. Based on the company’s SLM (semi-conductor light matrix) technology, the system is used for ink curing and consists of three 500mm wide light “bars” powered by a compact power supply.

The system is the first of Phoseon’s wide-area SLM UV light systems suitable for moving web applications. SLM technology offers advantages compared to traditional lamp technologies: it provides pure UV output with low heat generation, reductions in power usage, significantly longer useful lifetimes and a solution that is much more environmentally attractive and cost effective. More info: Phoseon Technology, (503) 439-6446; fax: (503) 439-6408; via the web: