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BASF Introduces Joncryl 633 Emulsion Polymer


BASF has introduced Joncryl 633 emulsion polymer, a cost-effective ink vehicle that  improves opacity of inks and requires less titanium dioxide. Joncryl 633 emulsion polymer can help ink formulators achieve high levels of color intensity and opacity in inks used on natural kraft substrates, such as brown box corrugated containers and paper bags.

Tests conducted in BASF laboratories with Joncryl 633 demonstrate higher opacity and better color performance than other standard opaque emulsion polymers.
This is a benefit that will appeal to brand owners who are concerned about color consistency, since kraft substrates can vary in color based on the source of the fiber.
Tests conducted in BASF laboratories also demonstrate that Joncryl 633 improves the rub resistance and water resistance of inks compared to standard opaque emulsion polymers.

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