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Visiting HP's Inkjet Ink Lab

HP recently hosted an Open House, offering a look at some of the its latest products, including its R&D work on inkjet inks.

By David Savastano, Editor

Published July 3, 2014
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HP continues to develop state-of-the-art inkjet inks at its Corvallis, OR labs.

HP Inkjet Ink Lab

HP inkjet ink R&D labs in Corvallis, OR.

HP Inkjet Ink Lab Materials

HP utilizes a wide variety of raw materials in its Corvallis, OR inkjet ink R&D labs.

HP Inkjet Ink Lab Testing Equipment

This is some of the testing equipment used in HP's inkjet ink R&D labs.

HP Inkjet Ink Dispersion

HP showed the difference between print using its own inkjet inks, left, as opposed to after-market inks, on the right.

HP Inkjet Ink Web Press Ink System

HP's inkjet ink system for the HP T410 Inkjet Web Press.