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Market Research Reports Covering the Industry


Market Research Reports Covering the Industry

Market Research Reports Covering the Industry

Here is a look at some of the latest market reports released by leading research firms covering the printing and printed electronics industry.

• The U.S. flexible packaging industry is expected to experience annual sales revenue growth of 8.1 percent in 2011, according to the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA).

Industry revenue growth in 2010 rebounded an estimated 7.3 percent from a decrease of 10.9 percent in 2009. FPA research also suggests that flexible packaging converter volume increased approximately 5 percent in 2010.

Total U.S. packaging industry growth is estimated at 6.7 percent for 2010 versus a decrease of 13.7 percent in 2009. This and additional data regarding industry growth will be available in the 2011 FPA Flexible Packaging State of the Industry Report. The report is provided to FPA members and non-members may purchase the report for $3,500.

The recently released Fourth Quarter 2010 Pulse Report, produced by the FPA, also notes signs of optimism regarding industry growth. Key report findings indicate that 77 percent of FPA converter members surveyed expect first quarter 2011 sales to be higher than fourth quarter 2010 levels, and, 74 percent expect higher volume levels in first quarter 2011 versus fourth quarter 2010. In addition, 74 percent of survey participants note higher sales in fourth quarter 2010 versus fourth quarter 2009.

Historical data has shown the flexible packaging industry growth to be slightly higher than U.S. GDP. First quarter 2011 U.S. GDP increased 1.8 percent versus 3.1 percent in fourth quarter 2010.

For more information, contact Bob Zaborowski, director, FPA Business & Economic Research, at or (410) 694-0800.

IDTechEx has released a number of reports for the printed electronics industry:

• Brand Enhancement by Electronics in Packaging 2012-2022 – This report reveals the global demand for electronic smart packaging devices is currently at a tipping point and will grow rapidly from $0.03 billion in 2012 to $1.7 billion in 2022. The electronic packaging (e-packaging) market will remain primarily in consumer packaged goods (CPG), reaching 35 billion units that have electronic functionality in 2022.

• Inorganic and Composite Printed Electronics 2011-2021 –The report considers inorganic printed and thin film electronics for displays, lighting, semiconductors, sensors, conductors, photovoltaics, batteries and memory giving detailed company profiles not available elsewhere. The coverage is global - with companies from East Asia to Europe to America all included. This report critically compares the options, the trends and the emerging applications. The emphasis is on technology basics, commercialization and the key players.

• Thin Film Photovoltaics and Batteries 2011-2021 –This comprehensive report gives a thorough analysis of printed and thin film photovoltaics and batteries. The report covers companies, research institutes and universities that are active in developing and commercializing thin film technologies for photovoltaics and batteries. Photovoltaic technologies covered include CIGS, CdTe DSSC, a-Si and organic photovoltaics. Materials and devices are covered, as well as manufacturing techniques, focusing on various high speed printing technologies that can be utilized
• Printed, Organic and Flexible Electronics Forecast, Players and Opportunities 2011-2021 –This report provides a comprehensive view of the topic, giving detailed ten year forecasts by device type. The market is analyzed by territory, printed versus non-printed, rigid versus flexible, inorganic versus organic, cost of materials versus process cost and more, with more than 200 tables and figures. Activities of more than 1,000 leading companies are given. The report specifically addresses the big picture - including all thin film photovoltaics, relevant display technologies and much more. Importantly, it includes not only electronics that are printed, organic and/or flexible now, but it also covers those that will be.

For more information, contact IDTechEx at +44 1223 813703 or go to www.idtechex.
NanoMarkets recently released the following research reports:

• Printed Battery Markets 2011 – This report also provides an assessment of the latest technology and product directions in the printed battery sector. The report covers the commercial impact of future printable electrolytes and the development of related energy storage devices – such as supercapacitors – that use printing in a major part of their manufacturing. In common with other NanoMarkets reports, this report on printable batteries also includes a granular eight-year forecast of shipments and an assessment of new technologies and products.

• Functional Inkjet Inks for Digital Fabrication Applications 2011 – This report quantifies the future revenues from the fluids used in jetting industrial prototypes and 3-D models, automotive components, printed circuit boards (PCBs), MEMS, security printing, smart textiles, electronic displays, smart packaging and RFID tags, ceramics, photovoltaics and biochips.

For more information contact NanoMarkets at 804-360-2967 or go to