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Rise in Demand for Printing Consumables

According to a study from the Freedonia Group, U.S. demand for specialty printing consumables is forecast to rise 7.4 percent per year to $18 billion in 2007. Specialty consumables include ink, toner, coated digital paper, synthetic paper, cleaning chemicals and various other specialty chemicals. Combined, this group of products accounted for 40 percent of total printing consumables demand in 2002, a share projected to grow to 45 percent in 2007. Much of this growth can be attributed to the increasing use of digital technology in the office, consumer and industrial markets. These and other trends are presented in Freedonia’s new study, Specialty Printing Consumables.

Ink and toner demand is forecast to rise 6.3 percent per year to $13 billion in 2007. Toner is projected to achieve the more rapid gains, partially due to the large installed base of laser printers in professional settings and greater use of higher cost color toner. Specialty inks will benefit from their ability to enhance the security of a document – reduce counterfeiting or identity theft – or provide visual aspects that differentiate an end product from others.

Demand for specialty substrates such as coated digital paper and synthetic print media is forecast to increase nearly 12 percent per year to 2007, primarily at the expense of standard paper. Of the two products, coated digital paper is projected to experience the more rapid gains, primarily due to its link to the penetration of relatively new technology, such as digital cameras, throughout the consumer market.

Growth in the office and consumer market will outpace that in the industrial market through 2007, in large part due to the heavy use of digital equipment in the former. In 2002, for example, there were 125 million laser and ink jet printers in use in office and consumer settings. Cartridge requirements for this large and growing installed base will provide opportunities for digital ink and toner through 2007 and beyond. In the consumer segment, greater penetration of digital still cameras will drive rapid gains for coated digital paper such as semi-gloss and glossy types.

Specialty Printing Consumable is available for $3,800 from The Freedonia Group. For more information, contact Corinne Gangloff, (440) 684-9600; fax: (440)
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Home and Office Markets for Ink Jet and Laser Cartridges

Lyra Research’s new report, Home and Office Markets for Ink Jet and Laser Cartridges: Worldwide Forecast 2002-2006, forecasts that aftermarket ink cartridge shipments will climb steadily to account for 22 percent of all shipments by 2006, a compound annual growth rate of 15 percent. The market research company forecasts that worldwide shipments of ink cartridges will increase from 839 million units in 2002 to 1.14 billion unit in 2005. Over the same time period, shipments of laser cartridges will grow from 188 million units to 241 million units. Lyra projects that worldwide laser cartridge revenue will surpass ink cartridge revenue by 2006.

Other information provided in the reports includes:
• The impact of the recession on imaging industry vendors;
• Ink cartridge shipments, revenue, and consumption rates from 2002-2006;
• Aftermarket penetration rates in both the ink and laser cartridge markets;
• Laser cartridge shipments, revenue and consumption rates from 2002 to 2006;
• Pricing trends for both ink and laser cartridges;
• Ink and laser cartridge revenue segmented into home and office environments; and
• A technology outlook for both home and office environments.

For more information contact Lyra Research, Inc., (617) 454-2612; fax: (617) 454-2601; web: