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Flint Group Introduces Cost-Effective Water Flexo Ink for the North American T-shirt Bag Market


Premo Film ETS ink offers enhanced printing performance at economical cost for printers of merchandise bags in North America

Flint Group North America Packaging and Narrow Web has released its newest water based ink system for flexo printed polyethylene bags. Premo Film ETS. Premo Film ETS is an improvement over other inks previously used by printers of merchandise bags (commonly referred to as T-shirt bags). This new product is the result of Flint Group’s close work with its customer base. Premo Film ETS consists of a product line which has been developed specifically for this market segment. It has been designed from the ground up to meet the unique requirements of this market. The resulting Premo Film ETS ink line provides excellent and stable printing properties over a wide range of press conditions. Premo Film ETS has run very successfully at speeds from 150 fpm to 1100 fpm roll-to-roll, and on presses which have in-line extrusion and/or in-line bag making. The key benefits for the printer are press stability, excellent printing properties, high level of block resistance, and good product resistance; all of this at an economical cost for a very competitive market.

“This is a unique market with unique ink requirements,” said Susan Kuchta, vice president and general manager of Flint Group’s North American Packaging and Narrow Web business. “We knew our customers needed a new product to maintain their competitive position, so we directed our product development resources to design a new product line to address those unique requirements. The result is a completely new product. We are very happy with the results we have seen, and the response and comments from our customers. After printing Premo Film ETS, our customers are noting an enhancement in their graphics and a positive impact in their operations.”

Premo Film ETS has been beta tested in a number of printing environments and under a variety of conditions. “Its wide operating window makes it “press-friendly”, and customers reported improved graphic quality over a wide range of conditions. “Premo Film ETS delivers gloss, color strength and very good cost of use,” commented Paul Lodewyck, director product management of Flint Group’s Packaging and Narrow Web division. “Inks for this application must be economical, but they can’t be ‘cheap’. They must provide end use resistance properties, good graphics and be economical for the printer.”