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INX EcoTech Inks Qualify for NAPIM-Certified Bio-Derived Renewable Content (BRC) Label

Published July 15, 2009
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The recently introduced EcoTech process color inks from INX International Ink Co. are again leading the way among “green” ink systems. They are now registered in the NAPIM (National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers) Bio-Derived Renewable Resource (BRC) certification program, so printers running environmentally-friendly EcoTech inks can utilize the official BRC label, which also indicates the percentage of renewable resource material content.

The new NAPIM program offers an industry-wide method for consistently measuring, registering and communicating the bio-derived renewable content of printing inks. Certification results in a “BRC index” number, approximating the BRC percentage by weight in the ink formulation.

“While further documenting our commitment to sustainable and renewable-resource products, BRC registration and labeling also offers printers and their customers the opportunity to do likewise,” said Chris Bonk, INX vice president – technical director for offset inks. “This NAPIM certification program helps broaden the awareness of the value of many different bio-derived materials that can be utilized in high-performance printing ink formulations such as EcoTech.”

More than 65 percent of EcoTech’s content is bio-derived, with vegetable oils accounting for nearly three-fourths of EcoTech’s BRC percentage.The proprietary ingredients in the EcoTech formula further enhance performance of the inks, which conform to ISO 2846-1 standards and are suitable for GRACoL G7 certification.

In order to be registered and qualify for the BRC label, each component of an ink formulation is reviewed for its bio-derived renewable material content before being submitted to NAPIM for confirmation and subsequent registration.It is then assigned its official BRC index number.

The “70” on the BRC label for EcoTech reflects its high percentage of bio-derived material, which delivers within the 65.1% to 75.0% range.The ten BRC index categories run from “10” (10.0% - 15.0% BRC content) and extends to “100” for a 95.1% - 100% BRC formulation.

“For printers and their customers who are committed to more environmentally friendly production, the NAPIM BRC program confirms that EcoTech provides an ecological option,” Mr. Bonk said.“With EcoTech ink, users are reporting extremely fast start-ups with colors in-balance quickly and fewer wasted sheets.It’s proving to be a very economical option as well.”

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