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Superior's Biolocity Sheetfed Inks Deliver 'Green' Performance


Superior Printing Ink has responded to customer demand for greener printing with the market launch of Biolocity, an innovation in environmentally responsible sheetfed ink technology. Biolocity delivers superb lithographic performance, running efficiency, and print quality with extremely low levels of VOCs.
“Customers have told us that they want products with significant, quantifiable environmental benefits, but not at the expense of performance,” said Rich Czarnecki, vice president, technology. “Biolocity sets a new industry benchmark for green lithographic ink technology with formulations having 23 percent or more vegetable oil content and more than 60 percent bio-derived, renewable raw material content.”
Biolocity underwent an extended period of beta customer testing to validate on-press performance.
“Our customers are finding that Biolocity offers a powerful combination of performance features which allow them to increase their production throughput and reduce waste,” said Steve Simpson, senior vice president and chief technical officer. “Biolocity is being run successfully at 18,000 impressions per hour with no indication of misting or slinging. We also have accounts who have essentially eliminated the need to apply a water-based coating, even with medium to heavy coverage. Other customers are finding that Biolocity allows them to cut printed sheets in as little as 10 minutes off-press, with subsequent bindery finishing possible in less than two hours.”