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Sun Chemical's Offers New Generation IR Ink Technology


Companies and brand owners using ultraviolet (UV) invisible ink technology to protect their products against counterfeiting could be leaving themselves open to problems due to the widespread, illegitimate availability of the technology.
This has led to the emergence of a new generation of infrared (IR) security inks and coatings.
Standard invisible UV fluorescent inks have traditionally provided a basic level of product and brand security. However, the presence of these fluorescent inks is easy to detect as UV lamps, which act as the detection equipment, are widely available. Some pigments are even available online, making the technology available to counterfeiters.
To meet anti-counterfeiting requirements, some companies have turned to IR as a security solution. Sun Chemical recently launched SunGuard Apollo, an effective, affordable brand protection solution which helps to fight the ongoing battle against counterfeiters.
SunGuard Apollo is the entry level technology which uses specialist pigments from a secure supply chain and offers a highly intelligent, unique combination of security features.
In addition to an increased level of security, this technology is compatible with current printing practices. If the printer or converter is already using UV fluorescent inks, SunGuard Apollo can be integrated into these types of inks to form an enhanced UV/IR protection.
The detection devices that work in conjunction with SunGuard Apollo are available from Sun Chemical only after the intended use has been clarified, so the distribution can be monitored.
“Sun Chemical is proud to have launched cutting-edge technology which, in the long run, will have significant benefits for brand owners, printers and converters,” said Philip Berrie, sales manager, Sun Chemical Security Division. “Sun Chemical SunGuard Apollo inks have a unique combination of security features and provide a total solution. We are very excited to offer our customers an effective, good value security ink solution – all from just one supplier.”