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Van Son Introduces Vs3 XS, Vs4 Waterless Inks


Van Son Holland Ink Corporation introduced Vs3 XS inks, an enhancement option to the popular Vs3 ink, at Graph Expo 2008. As part of the Vs series, the Vs3 XS inks were developed to be a more robust version of the already versatile and vibrant Vs3 ink line. Benefits of Vs3 XS include an extra strong, but balanced, pigment range, enhanced operational speed for faster setting and drying, and modified stability for balanced printing and 4+4 perfecting control.             

“We are very excited about the introduction of Vs3 XS inks. This ink is specially formulated to meet the requirements of today’s high-speed, consistent multi-color presses,” said John Sammis, vice president of sales and marketing for Van Son. “Because color capability is such a valued asset when it comes to gaining and satisfying customers in the printing industry, Vs3 XS inks give printers the ability to achieve a specific shade or hue when needed. And of course, printers can expect the new ink to provide the effortless, trouble-free printing and faster setting and drying already associated with all Van Son inks.”
Van Son also launched its waterless Vs4 ink. Specially designed to meet waterless printing needs, the Vs4 inks offer consistency and efficiency to printers and aid in the reduction of waste materials and ink consumption. The Vs4 line is compatible with all waterless plates and presses, contributing to a higher level of color quality and consistency throughout a press run.
Vs4 inks deliver a reliability that save printers time and money in operational expenses. Known to have the industry’s widest Critical Tone Temperature (CTT), Vs4 inks are capable of resisting toning and mottle in a broad range – 63˚F to 97˚F. Additionally, the Vs4 line is formulated to deliver excellent press stability for quicker drying times, faster setting, and lower heat buildup, providing an excellent solution for printers looking to reduce their operational downtime and increase productivity.
“We’re pleased to release an ink that supports waterless printing,” said Mr. Sammis. “Waterless ink is a cutting-edge technology that offers printers so many benefits.  Our Vs4 line will provide better color saturation, faster make-readies, and increased printing temperature capability, while answering the environmental concerns that are so important to printers today.”