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Sun Chemical Launches PrintSmart Publication Inks


Addressing heatset printers’ needs for ink to print consistently across a growing range of improved paper stocks and grades, Sun Chemical introduced PrintSmart publication inks.
The PrintSmart product line includes four families of heatset inks, including SunNews for uncoated improved newsprint, SunOne for various heatset applications, SunMag for catalog and ad inserts, and SunUltra for catalog, book and commercial applications.
“Our customers are looking for ink solutions that can be used universally across a wide range of upgraded papers and provide more versatility for finishing offline,” said Dennis Sweet, vice president, product management, Publication Inks, Sun Chemical. “PrintSmart offers outstanding print quality and finishing capabilities and is designed to improve the quality, consistency and productivity of our customers.”
SunNews inks are an improved ink chemistry that reduce piling and picking on the most challenging improved newsprint substrates. SunNews provides optimum printing across most grades of uncoated and SCB papers.
Designed for improved newsprint, supercalendared and light-weight coated papers, SunOne inks offer excellent hold-out and gloss, outstanding color control and process colors that conform to standard shades outlined in ISO 2846-1. It is also overprint receptive and UV-coatable.
SunMag inks are suited for presses that produce magazine, coupon and advertising insert work and provide superb performance on conventional and stochastic screening technologies. SunMag inks offer balanced dot gain and gray balance, excellent color reproduction and efficient rub resistance. The inks print above average gloss on coated papers with no sacrifice in print quality and are overprint receptive and UV-coatable.
For commercial print applications, SunUltra inks offer sharp printing with balanced dot gain and gray balance across a wide range of papers including enamel coated, matte coated, and cover substrates. SunUltra inks are coatable with conventional heatset overprints, aqueous coatings or UV coatings. The inks also have excellent rub resistance on a wide range of substrates including matte stocks.