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NPIRI Elects Board of Directors for 2008-09

The National Printing Ink Research Institute (NPIRI) recently elected the following members to the Board of Directors:
• Graham Battersby, representing Flint Group
• Joe Cichon, INX International Ink Co.
• Rich Czarnecki, Superior Printing Ink Co., Inc.
• Lisa Fine, representing Joules Angstrom U.V. Printing Inks Corp.
• Rick Joyce, Sun Chemical Corporation/North American Inks
• Larry Lepore, US Ink
• Jerry Napiecek, Colorcon, No-Tox Products
• Pete Notti, Ink Systems, Inc.
• Joe Schlinkert, Color Resolutions International, LLC
The following officers were elected to the NPIRI Board for 2008-2009.
• Pete Notti, Ink Systems – President
• Graham Battersby, Flint Group – Vice President
The following supplier representatives have also been added to the NPIRI Board for a one-year term:
• Dave Campbell, BASF Resins
• Kerstin Grosse, Buhler Inc.

NPIRI would like to thank Sal Moscuzza, Superior Printing Ink Co., Inc., Maurice Carruthers, Sun Chemical Performance Pigments and Dan DeLegge, Inksolutions, LLC for their service on the NPIRI Board of Directors.
The 52nd NPIRI Technical Conference is set for Sept.23-25, 2008 to be held at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, Tucson, AZ. The NPIRI Board of Directors’ meeting will be held in conjunction with the conference on Monday, Sept.22, and the NAPIM Board of Directors’ meeting on Sept. 23.