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Dong Yang Ink, Inksolutions Complete G7 Testing


Dong Yang Ink and Inksolutions LLC announced the completion of testing on the Aronon-T series offset process ink and full certification and compliancy of the global ISO-2846-1/G7 standards conducted by PIA/GATF.
G7 methods are designed to help calibrate proofing systems and presses based on principles of digital imaging, spectrophotometer and computer-to-plate (CTP) technologies. G7 is currently being applied to many types of printing including commercial and publication printing, newsprint and flexo.   
G7 specifies printing with inks defined by ISO 2846-1 so that the dry solids measure as close as possible to the ISO CIELab values for seven colors – the four primary colors and three two-color overprints specified in ISO 12647.
G7 is named for its gray scale calibration technique and the seven ISO ink colors it requires.      
Testing for G7 certification of Dong Yang Ink began in December 2007 and is now complete, and all of the current process inks sold in the U.S. meet the G7 standards.