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Tempil Introduces Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma Process Indicator Inks


To meet the needs of gas plasma technology, Tempil, an ITW Company, has introduced a line of waterborne process indicator Inks that are suitable for use as packaging indicators in all hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization processes.

Tempil Plasma Process Indicator Inks change color to signal that a pouch or package containing a health-care product has been exposed to prescribed sterilization conditions.  Available in blue or red starting colors, the ink can be printed on Tyvek medical packaging material.  When subjected to the plasma sterilization environment, the ink changes to a different color – yellow, red or green, depending on which ink is selected.

This sharp, clear color change occurs only when the printed ink has been exposed to a gas plasma sterilization cycle. The ink is environmentally stable, both before and after the color change when exposed to high temperature, high humidity and fluorescent light.

Tempilink Process Indicator Inks are designed for flexographic printing on Tyvek, at speeds from 200 to 400 feet per minute. The inks are easily thinned with water if required, and easy to clean up.  They are heavy metal and VOC free. Theoretical coverage is approximately 1200 sq. ft./gal.

Tempil pioneered chemical indicators for monitoring the exposure of medical packaging to sterilization processes. The company continues to lead the field in production of useful, easy to apply chemical indicator inks for every sterilization method, including steam autoclave, dry heat, EO gas and radiation.