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Turkey Mandates SICPA-ASSAN Security Tracking System


Turkey’s Board of Revenue announced the implementation of a country-wide product tracking system for locally manufactured and imported tobacco, alcohol and beer products. SICPA-ASSAN has been named as the technology provider to install and maintain the new security system. All local manufacturers and importers had until June 19, 2007 to comply with the new requirements.
In 2006, the Ministry of Finance sought proposals for a nationwide banderol-applied product tracking system. The government’s three-fold objective was to introduce improved enforcement measures to prevent tax evasion, reduce unfair competition against local manufacturers arising from illicit trade and provide additional protection to consumers.
SICPA-ASSAN was awarded the contract on the basis of its record in deploying leading high-technology security tracking solutions and the cost-effectiveness of its proposal.
SICPA-ASSAN is a joint-venture company established in Turkey by SICPA and Istanbul-based Kibar Holding to develop product security solutions and related technologies for products authentication and supply chain security.
SICPA-ASSAN is responsible for the implementation, training, maintenance, repair and technical assistance of all modules of the system which combines integrated security technologies, inks and systems, hardware and software.
Turkey is the first country in the world to implement one single technology to securely monitor all excisable tobacco, alcohol and beer products. According to the Board of Revenue’s estimation, over seven billion items will be protected per year.
Philippe Amon, executive co-chairman of SICPA, said “a new generation of banderols has been designed to comply with the security guidelines from the Board of Revenue. They will be produced by Tekel Packaging Factory in Istanbul and will be applied on tobacco products and liquors. In the case of beer, security tracking codes will be applied directly onto the products during manufacturing, thus replacing the banderol.”
The product tracking system will require the installation of non-intrusive automatic tracking systems onto manufacturers’ packing and filling lines for product monitoring and transmission of the relevant information to a central data management system. To handle the monitoring of imported products, dedicated facilities are being set-up close to the customs points of Istanbul, Izmir and Mersin.