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Lyson 2000 Low Odor Inkjet Inks Launched by Nazdar


Nazdar has introduced its new 2000 Series Ink set into its Lyson Digital Ink range. Designed as a low odor alternative to full solvent inks, the Lyson 2000 Series offers the benefits of “eco” type ink sets while retaining high level performance.
Full compatibility with Eco-Max and Eco-Ultra inks allows for easy integration into the numerous printer platforms currently using these ink types. This enables the user to install Lyson 2000 inks immediately after OEM inks, alleviating the need to flush or clean the system.
The Lyson 2000 ink set is manufactured using innovative production techniques to provide excellent exterior performance with proven resistance to the effects of UV degradation and fading. The use of high impact, high intensity colorants also produce strong, vibrant colors.