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Sun Chemical Creates New Lines of Sheetfed Inks


When it comes to track and field, the best athletes are consistent, reliable and highly adaptable. In the business of offset printing, experts look for those same qualities in printing  inks. Sun Chemical is now offering three new inks, Relay, Endurance and Marathon, which offer premium performance in a variety of demanding situations. As the product names imply, the new inks are designed to meet the most challenging, competitive conditions with superior yet cost-effective results.

“Sun Chemical stands alone among ink makers in its level of investment to develop new products and services,” said Mark J. Levin, president, Sun Chemical North American Commercial Group. “This steady stream of Sun Chemical innovations helps our customers stay ahead of the competition by enhancing the value they can offer their commercial print customers.”

Sun Chemical’s Relay inks are especially well-suited for dull and matte stocks, thanks to their excellent rub resistance, he noted. Relay inks’ print characteristics are fully balanced from color to color, with excellent batch-to-batch consistency.  In addition, Relay offers exceptional press stability and a stable ink/water balance.  The inks can be perfected without back cylinder or blanket build-up problems, for optimum performance on new, high-speed presses. They remain open in the fountain overnight, and are fully compatible with a wide range of fountain solutions, washes and dampening systems.

Sun Chemical’s new Endurance inks are designed to be practical and cost-effective in a wide variety of applications, setting a new standard for reliable performance day in and day out.  Endurance is a medium-to-low tack series of process inks that allow them to print on coated and uncoated papers without excessive blanket build up or piling. Endurance offers good work and turn properties while retaining press stability. The inks remain duct fresh overnight yet dry to a hard and rub-resistant film on most papers. Endurance provides high color fidelity and film transparency with a high trap percentage capability with low dot margins.

Sun Chemical’s Marathon is a highly stable, stay-open ink set designed to minimize daily cleaning and maintenance. It offers exceptional long run capabilities without the need for frequent blanket washes.  Thanks to its easy-release formulation, Marathon minimizes piling and performs well on marginal papers. Marathon achieves a stable ink and water balance almost immediately, so make readies are quick and easy. The inks stay open in the ink duct and rollers for extended periods, often eliminating the need for end-of-day clean ups. The inks dry well on most papers and do not contain cobalt driers.