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ALTANA AG Continues Double-Digit Growth in Sales and Net Income


ALTANA AG has continued its dynamic growth course of the last years and again achieved record figures with double-digit increase in sales and earnings in 2005.
In 2005, consolidated sales rose by 10 percent to €3.3 billion ($3.9 billion). Operating income (EBIT) was up by 12 percent to €676 million ($800 million).    
ALTANA Chemie AG increased its sales to €907 million ($1.07 billion) in 2005, a rise of 6 percent on the prior year. Its sales development was influenced by targeted divestments and acquisitions.      With an EBITDA of 18%, ALTANA Chemie is one of the most profitable specialty chemicals companies.
ALTANA Chemie’s largest division, Additives & Instruments, reported sales of €364 million ($431 million) in 2005, up 4 percent. With a sales volume of €175 million ($207 million), Coatings & Sealants fell by 19 percent compared to the prior year due to divestments. With the complete withdrawal from the industrial coatings business and the acquisition of Kelstar International, the Coatings & Sealants division has further pushed the realignment of its core business in the packaging area. The focusing of its business was also supported through the acquisition of Rad-Cure at the beginning of 2006.
ALTANA Chemie’s purchase of the Eckart group in 2005 represented the largest acquisition in the ALTANA Group’s history to date. With this acquisition ALTANA Chemie reached the critical mass for a stand-alone position on the capital market. The newly-established fourth division Effect Pigments (Eckart), which has been consolidated since Oct. 1, 2005, contributed €75 million ($88.8 million) to total sales in 2005.