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SunJet Crystal SOV Inks Gain Xaar Approval


SunJet, the inkjet ink division of Sun Chemical, announced that its Crystal SOV solvent inks have achieved approved status from print head manufacturer Xaar plc for use on XJ128 200+ and XJ128 360+ print heads.
The Crystal SOV inks are designed for use in display graphics and wide format inkjet printers using drop-on-demand inkjet print heads.
“We have subjected the Crystal SOV inks to our wide ranging and extremely thorough testing regime and are satisfied that these inks meet our stringent approved status criteria,” said Dr. Jill Woods, Xaar’s ink product manager. “It is not only materially compatible with the Xaar printheads XJ128 200+ and the XJ128 360+, but we have also been able to demonstrate optimal print performance of this specific print head and ink combination.”
“The binder resins and solvents used in the Crystal SOV inks are particularly suitable for vinyl substrates and the use of high light-fastness pigments (Blue Wool Scale rating 7+), meaning that output can be used for outdoor applications. With a suitable substrate and correct application, output should withstand prolonged outdoor exposure,” said Peter Saunders, SunJet sales and marketing manager.
“The approval of inks by print head manufacturers such as Xaar forms an important part of our ink development program,” said Peter Walshe, SunJet business development manager. “It provides valuable information and support to our customers as they look to integrate ink and print heads when building printers. The approval status of inks is proven to reduce time to market.”