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Sun Chemical Introduces SolarCat UV Flexo Ink


Sun Chemical has introduced its SolarCat cationic UV flexo ink system, a breakthrough in UV ink technology which the company reported has dramatically improved efficiency and production speeds of up to 250 meters/minute, at least two times faster curing than other products in the marketplace.
SolarCat inks, part of Sun Chemical’s Solaris ink portfolio, are available for commercial supply and are undergoing trials at industry-leading specialty packaging, label and shrink sleeve companies worldwide. It has the outstanding technical properties as a cured ink film recognized in cationic systems, while delivering higher cure speed, lower humidity sensitivity, low press room odor without the creation of hazardous photoinitiator by-products in the curing process.
These inks offer exceptional adhesion and resistance on almost all film and metalized materials used in narrow web printing, high shrink film performance up to 80 percent and retortable without loss of adhesion, high color strength giving excellent mileage and allowing the use of fine aniloxes for high fidelity printing, and low viscosity for ease of handling and excellent printability
“The SolarCat inks display exceptional technical performance combined with ground-breaking productivity and solve many of the drawbacks of existing cationic technologies,” said Jonathan Sexton, Sun Chemical’s European product manager, narrow web labels.