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RSI ID Technologies, Parelec Test RFID Tags


Parelec, Inc., the developer and manufacturer of Parmod VLT very low temperature conductive inks and pastes, announced that RSI ID Technologies (RSI), the nation’s only provider of vertically integrated RFID systems, has completed testing UHF Gen2 RFID tags assembled with inlays employing Parmod conductive inks from Parelec. Compared to other conductive inks on the market, the Parelec inks were superior in testing by RSI ID, the company reported. These conductive inks will enable RSI ID to produce labels more efficiently.
“The results with the RFID tags manufactured through Parelec’s printing partner and using Parmod inks have exceeded our expectations,” said Wolf Bielas, founder and CEO of RSI ID Technologies.
Both RSI and Parelec are ISO9001: 2000 certified businesses. RSI offers a full line of RFID antennas, labels, and inlays and provides a full range of support services, training, and consulting. Last month, RSI announced that it is now in production of the industry’s first batch of Gen 2 RFID labels and expects to produce more than 100 million by the end of 2006.
“We are delighted to hear that RSI has recognized the benefits of our inks,” said Geva Barash, CEO of Parelec. “With our new lower curing temperature high productivity Parmod inks, we are able to match not only the performance of etched solutions but to exceed them.”