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XSYS, Microtrace Develop Microtaggant Security Inks


XSYS Print Solutions and Microtrace LLC announced a partnership to deliver a traceable, anti-counterfeit ink technology to the narrow web tag and label industry. Microtaggant Security Inks allow any printer to easily apply the anti-counterfeit technology to any printed materials using flexo or screen printing processes.
The Microtrace Microtaggant technology is the most robust, traceable, anti-counterfeit technology available. In basic form, it is a unique numeric code sequence in a multiple colored layer format delivering multiple layers of security through a single microscopic particle.
XSYS Print solution has created a UV curable ink system that can be applied either using flexo or rotary screen technology. The Microtaggant Security Inks are fully compatible with and can ideally be used in combination with XSYS UV products, such as Flexocure range and CombiWhite.

Unlike other security inks, Microtaggant Security Inks are formulated with unique Microtaggant encoded particles that are certified and registered to each customer or application. Once a formulation is produced for a customer, it becomes their exclusive “fingerprint” and is never again used for any other application. The Microtaggant Security Inks are applied to the label and easily read and decoded with an inexpensive hand-held reader or scanner.