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Sun Chemical to Create MetalFX Printing Inks


Sun Chemical has signed up as an official MetalFX ink maker. Sun Chemical have been working closely with Wolstenholme International, one of the manufacturers of the MetalFX base silver inks, in the drive for spreading awareness of MetalFX.  
“As the highest-value supplier of color-related products and services in the world, we need to keep tabs on the latest breakthroughs in technology,” said John Adkin, European product director for sheetfed and UV inks for Sun Chemical. “Sun Chemical has been interested in the development of MetalFX for some time now, and interest has now become sufficient in the marketplace for us to become an official MetalFX ink supplier. We are very excited to be offering this new process to our customers as we believe that it will open up more market opportunities and lead to some great printing.”