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Sun Chemical Screen Takes Digital Route To Increase Sales


Sun Chemical Screen announced at FESPA that it has launched into the fast-growing digital “after-market” business with inks for large format printing.
The Sun Chemical Screen team has used its detailed knowledge of printer requirements to formulate ranges of solvent- and oil-based jet inks – known as “Streamline” – for the super wide format digital market.
Until recently, many printers have been concerned that the process of switching inks will be difficult, time-consuming and risky, so they have continued to use inks supplied by their machine manufacturer.
“Printers fear that third-party inks might damage their machinery or that the colors will not be the same,” said Tony Cox, global marketing manager for Sun Chemical Screen. “If the colors of third party inks are not the same as the originals, printers have to change their color profiles. Our formulating approach ensures color continuity, so that in most cases there is no need to re-profile printers. Moreover, inks from Sun Chemical Screen are fully compatible with the OEM inks, so there is no need to flush through machines, a process that wastes valuable time. Flushing can take several hours, but in as little as 45 minutes our inks can be put in and running.”
Chris Holmes has been appointed Streamline digital ink product manager as part of Sun Chemical Screen’s push into the main stream large format graphics market.
“This is a genuine new market for us,” said Richard Martin, Sun Chemical’s Screen Inks corporate vice president. “We have already seen a very positive response from existing and potential customers outside of our traditional screen printing sector. Obviously we have drawn on our worldwide technical expertise to ensure maximum impact into this niche market, which is experiencing double-digit annual growth.”