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Nazdar Introduces PowerPrint Plus 1800 Series UV Screen Ink


Nazdar introduced its PowerPrint Plus 1800 Series UV Screen Ink. Optimized to meet the high speed requirements of the latest screen printing presses, the new 1800 Series inks are formulated for use in both indoor and outdoor point-of-purchase applications. PowerPrint Plus 1800 Series UV screen inks are extremely fast curing and have been specifically designed to deliver high performance on a wide range of popular POP substrates. Designed to resist blocking, PowerPrint Plus inks cure with a tough, resilient finish capable of up to two years of outdoor durability. PowerPrint Plus inks provide high-quality opacity and flow characteristics.
“We’re extremely pleased with the introduction of these new inks,” said Richard Bowles, Nazdar’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Not only does PowerPrint Plus provide the versatility demanded by today’s POP market, but with quick curing times and high-quality output, these inks can significantly improve productivity.”
The PowerPrint Plus 1800 Series UV Screen Inks are one-part, 100% solid UV-curable screen printing inks and do not contain N-vinyl 1-2-pyrrolidone (V-Pyrol).