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Ciba Specialty Chemicals Acquires Wolstenholme's Metasheen Line


Ciba Specialty Chemicals is complementing its range of pigments through the acquisition of the high-reflectance aluminum Metasheen line from Wolstenholme International Limited, Blackburn, UK. The transaction includes the respective manufacturing facilities owned by Wolstenholme. The purchase price is CHF 45 million ($38.7 million). The pigments will continue to be marketed under the Metasheen name.
“This acquisition allows us to expand our product offering and complement our existing range with new effects,” said Armin Meyer, chairman and CEO of Ciba Specialty Chemicals. “These versatile metallic pigments give a wide choice of shiny, sparkling and mirror-like effects, allowing manufacturers and designers broad scope and high flexibility in meeting today’s market demand for exclusivity and bright, lustrous shades.”
Metasheen are vacuum-metalized aluminum pigments giving high-quality, high value-added effects in end uses such as packaging, paints, inks and cosmetics. Applied as inks, Metasheen pigments can be placed exactly as required and can therefore be used to create individual packaging designs, for example. On very smooth surfaces, such as film and coated papers, the pigments can create a mirror-like finish. Metalized substrates can in addition be printed with conventional colors for further individual effects and designs. Metasheen are the only vacuum-metalized pigments available in a dispersed form on the market, making them easy to use and allowing exceptionally high brilliance, excellent coverage and high versatility in formulation.