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Nazdar Introduces VersaCon UV Ink for PET, HDPE Containers


Nazdar announced the availability of VersaCon, a one-part UV curable screen ink for printing directly on a wide variety of plastic containers. Specifically formulated to adhere to both treated HDPE and treated or untreated PET, VersaCon also exhibits excellent adhesion to polycarbonate and treated polypropylene.
“Most container printers print on a variety of substrates within the same plant, and that often means they’re stocking multiple ink lines,” said Richard Bowles, Nazdar’s vice president of marketing. “As a one-part ink that adheres to HDPE, PET, and many other plastic surfaces, VersaCon offers container printers a single ink solution that will take care of most, if not all of their printing needs. And, because VersaCon prints straight out of the can, it’s faster and easier to use.”
VersaCon is a 100% solids ink designed for high speed processing. Properly cured, VersaCon provides superior resistance to solvents, chemicals and other products typically packaged in cosmetic containers. VersaCon exhibits a high gloss finish in all colors and does not contain N-Vinyl-2Pyrrolidone.