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INX International Launches OPL Series Paste Ink Dispenser

October 24, 2005

INX International Ink Co. featured its new OPL Series Paste Ink Dispensers during GraphExpo recently.
INX’s innovative paste-ink dispensers provide a cost-efficient solution for mid-market printers that offer a self-contained, advanced technology system – eliminating costly traditional-system pumps, complex installation and huge space requirements.

The new OPL (Offset Paste Lithographic) series offers speed and accuracy benefits that, until now, were available only to liquid ink users – or for paste inks, only with traditional dispensing systems that were too costly for mid-size printing operations.
Designed in cooperation with Gurnee, IL-based GFI Innovations, LLC, the user-friendly ink dispenser system improves operator efficiency by approximately 60 percent, resulting in labor savings and reduced waste.